Numbers,  1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 21

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   Ahimelech Epp David For Nob

  1. So David go Nob to meet Ahimelech wey be priest. Ahimelech fear wen he see David. He con ask am sey, “Why you con dey alone? Why no pesin dey wit you?”
  2. David ansa Ahimelech di priest sey, “Di king give me one business and he tell me sey make no pesin know about my business and wetin I tell you to do. As for my men, I don tell dem sey make dem meet me for one place like dat.
  3. So now, wetin you get for hand? Give me five bread, or anytin wey you fit fyne.”
  4. But di priest ansa David sey, “I no get any ordinary bread for hand; but some holy bread dey for here—as long as di men don keep demsef from women.”
  5. David ansa am, “Yes, women neva near us for three days since I komot—as we dey always do any time we dey komot. And di men body holy—even wen dem no dey on holy mission, and di bread; tokless of today wey dia body holy.
  6. So di priest give am di holy bread, since no oda bread dey for there except di bread wey he suppose give to Baba-God, wey he take from di holy table con replace am wit fresh bread dat day.

David Jakpa Go Gath

7. Now, one of Saul servant wey dem dey call Deog, wey be from Edom—dey for there dat day, becos he come do some spiritual rituals. Deog na di main man among di pipo wey dey in charge of Saul malu.

8. Naso David ask Ahimelech sey, “You no get any long-sharp-weapon or sword for here? I no carry my sword or any oda weapon, becos I bin dey rush for di king business.

9. Naso di priest ansa am, “Di sword of Goliath dey for here—di Philistine wey you kill for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Elah, e dey for back of my priest-cloth, I wrap am with cloth. You fit take am if you want am—na di only weapon wey dey for here.” Naso David tell am sey, “Give me, no sword be like am!”

10. Dat day, David run becos he dey fear Saul, and he go meet Achis wey be di king of Gath.

11. But Achis servants tell am sey, “No be David be dis, di king of di land? Abi no be him dem dey sing about for dia dance—sey, “Saul don kill thousands, and David kill ten thousands’?”

12. So David keep dis words for hin heart, sote he con dey fear king Achis well-well—di king of Gath.

13. So David change hin behavior for dia front, con dey do like sey he get scoin-scoin [madness], naso he start to dey write anyhow for di doors of di gate, and he let spit dey drop from hin bear-bear.

14. Achish con tell hin servants sey, “Abi una no see sey di man dey gbongbolo-cigar [kolo], why una carry am come meet me?

15. Abi I need crase-men wey una come carry dis guy to come do like kolo for my front? Must dis man enta inside my caban [house]?”


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