1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 24

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David No Gree Kill Saul

  1. Afta Saul come back from pursuing di Philistines, dem con tell am sey, “David dey for inside di desert of Engedi.”
  2. So Saul carry three thousand best sojas from all Israel, and dem komot go fyne David and hin men near di east side of Wild Goat Rocks.
  3. He reach one sheep-house wey dey for road; Saul con see one rock, so he enta inside di rock go chill. David and hin men con dey hide for inside di same rock sef—but far-far for di back side.
  4. Di men tok sey, “Dis na di day wey Baba-God tok about, wen he tell you sey, ‘I go put your enemy for your hand—for you to deal wit am as you like.’ ” Naso David crawl go cut small part of Saul cloth and no pesin notice am.
  5. Lata-lata, David mind con dey judge am becos he cut small part of Saul cloth.
  6. He tell hin men sey, “Baba-God forbid make I do dis kain tin to my oga—pesin wey Baba-God anoint, or carry my hand against am, becos na pesin wey Baba-God don anoint.”
  7. David stop hin men wit dis words, and he no gree let dem attack Saul. So Saul komot from inside di rock, con go hin way.
  8. Naso David komot from inside di rock, con halla Saul, “My oga di king!” Wen Saul look hin back, David bow down wit hin face for ground.
  9.  He tell Saul sey, “Why you dey listen to men wey dey tok sey David wan surely wound you’?
  10. Today you don see wit your own eyes how Baba-God don put you for my hands inside di rock. Some pipo ginger me to kill you, but I no gree kill you; I tok sey, “I no go carry my hand against my oga, becos na pesin wey Baba-God anoint.’
  11. See, Baba, look di pieces of you cloth for my hand! I cut small part of your cloth komot, but I no gree kill you. Now I wan make you know sey I neva do any bad tin, or change-am-for you. I neva do wrong tin to you, but you dey hunt me to kill me.
  12. Make Baba-God judge between you and me. And make Baba-God revenge di bad tins wey you don do me, but my hand no go touch you.
  13.  As dem dey tok dis old proverb, ‘Na only evil men dey do evil tins.’ And I no go do you bad.
  14. “Who di king of Israel come out against? Who you dey pursue? Abi na dead dog? Abi na fly?
  15. Make Baba-God be awa judge, con decide who dey wrong between us. Make he look di mata, con defend me and save me from you.”
  16. Wen David tok dis tins finish, Saul con ask am, “Na your voice be dat, David my pikin?” Naso he con dey cry out.
  17. He con tell David sey, “You get clean-heart pass me, you don treat me well, but I no treat you well.
  18. You don tell me about di beta tin wey you don for me just now; Baba-God put my life for your hand but you no gree kill me.
  19. Wen pesin see hin enemy, abi e go let am go wit-out wounding am? Make Baba-God pay you well becos of di way you do me today.
  20. I know sey you go surely be king and di kingdom of Israel go stand for your hands.
  21. Now swear to me wit Baba-God sey you no go cut my pikin-pikin-pikin, or komot my name from my papa family.”
  22. So David swear to Saul. Naso Saul go back to hin house, but David and hin men go back to di place wey dem dey hide.


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