1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 25

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As Samuel Take Kpeme

  1. Samuel con die and all di pipo of Israel gada togeda, and dem cry well-well for am. So dem bury am for hin house for Ramah. Naso David stand up, con go di desert of Paran.

David, Abigail Plus Nabal

2. E get one man for Maon wey get properties for Carmel. Na big-man. He get 3,000 sheep, plus 1,000 goats; so he con dey remove di wool for hin sheep body for Carmel.

3. Di man name na Nabal. Hin wife name na Abigail. She be woman wey get-sense, and wey fine well-well. Her husband na from Caleb. Na wicked man and he dey use red-eyes do everitin wey he dey do. 

4. Wen David hear for inside di desert sey Nabal dey komot di wool for hin sheep body,

5. David send ten young men, con tell dem sey, “Make una go meet Nabal for Carmel and make una greet am wit my name.

6. And naso una go take greet am, ‘Make peace dey wit you! Make you plus your family get peace! And make everitin wey you get—get peace!

7. I hear sey na time to remove wool from your sheep. Wen your shepherds dey among us for Carmel, we no do any bad tin to dem, and dem no tiff anytin from dem.

8. Ask your own servants and dem go tell you sey na true. So you fit show favour to di young men wey I send, since we don come meet you for beta time? Abeg give us anytin wey you get for your servants, and your son David.’”

9. Wen David men reach there, dem give Nabal dis message wit David name. So dem con dey wait.

10. Nabal ansa David servants, “Who be dis David? Who be dis Jesse pikin? Plenty servants dey break komot from dia oga dis days.

11. Why I go take my bread plus water, and di meat wey I don kill for di pipo wey epp me komot di wool from my sheep, con carry am give some pipo wey dey come from where I no know?”

12. David men turn back. Wen dem reach, dem tok everitin wey happun.

13. So David tell hin men sey, “Make all of una carry una swords!” So all of dem carry dia swords, and David sef carry hin own sword. About four-hundred men con follow David as two hundred men stay back to guard dia properties.

14. But one of di servants con tell Nabal wife, Abigail, sey, “David send messengers from di desert come greet  awa oga, but he insult dem.

15. Even though dis men dey good to us. Dem no do us anyhow, and all di time wey we dey outside for di fields, near dem—notin lose.

16. Dem guard us for night and for day and all di time wey we dey carry awa animals waka near dem.

17. Now I wan make you reason di mata and see wetin you fit do, becos wahala dey for awa oga head, plus hin whole family. He wicked well-well sote no pesin fit follow am tok.”

18. Abigail no waste any time, she carry 200 bread, two bottles of wine, five sheep wey dem don prepare, almost 100 cups of corn wey dem roast, 200 cups of dry-grapes, plus 200 fig cakes. She con carry dem put for donkeys,

19. Naso she tell her servants sey, “Dey go for front; I go follow you.” But she no gree tell her husband Nabal.

20. As she dey ride her donkey dey come di mountain corner, she see David plus hin men dey come meet her.

21. David bin tok sey, “Na waste of time to watch dis guy property for inside di desert, sote notin wey he get miss. He don pay me back evil for di good tins wey I do.

22. Make Baba-God nack me, con even kill me—if by morning, I leave one single man alive from all di pipo wey belong to Nabal!”

23. Wen Abigail see David, she sharply komot from her donkey, con bow down for David front—wit her face for ground.

24. She lie down near David leg con tok sey, “My oga, make everitin dey on my head, make only me take di blame. Please allow me, your servant follow you tok; hear wetin your me, your servant wan tok.

25. Make my oga no mind dat wicked man, Nabal. He just resemble hin name—hin name na Nabal and yeye dey smell follow am. But as for me your servant, I no see di men wey you my oga send.

26. “As surely as Baba-God dey alive, and as surely as you dey alive, since Baba-God don stop you from sheding blood, and revenging wit your own hand, make curse dey on all your enemies like Nabal, plus those wey dey try to wound you.

27. And I get gift wey me your servant don carry come give you, plus your young men.

28. Abeg forgive di bad tin wey your servant do, Baba-God go surely bless you wit kingdom wey go last, becos you dey fight for Baba-God. You neva do any wrong tin tru-out your whole life.

29. Even though pesin dey pursue you to kill you, but your life go dey safe for Baba-God hand, like pesin wey hide beta-beta-tins! But di lives of your enemies go disappear like stones wey dem shoot from catapult!

30. And e go happun sey, wen Baba-God don do everi good tin wey he promise you my oga, and he don make you leader of Israel,

31. make my oga David no go get any wahala for hin heart becos he shed blood wey he no need to shed, or you revenge wit your own hand. And wen Baba-God don bless you oga, abeg no forget me.”

32. David con tell Abigail sey, “Praise Baba-God di Oga wey be di God of Israel wey send you today come meet me.

33. Your advice na blessing, and make blessing dey for your head, becos you make me no shed blood today, and make I no revenge by mysef—wit my own hands.

34. True-true, as surely as Baba-God di Oga of Israel dey alive, wey make me no wound you, if to sey you no sharply come meet me, no single man wey belong to Nabal for dey alive for morning.”

35. Naso David collect wetin she carry come from her hand, con tok sey, “Dey go your house wit peace. I don hear your words and I go do wetin you tok.”

36. Wen Abigail go meet Nabal, he dey for house dey throway party like king. Hin spirit don high well-well and he don jogodo. So she no tell am anytin until morning reach.

37. So for morning wen Nabal eyes don clear, hin wife tell am wetin happun. Naso he get heart attack, and he con lie down paralyse for hin bed like stone.

David Marry Abigail

38. About ten days lata, Baba-God nack Nabal and he con kpeme.

39. Wen David hear sey Nabal don die, he tok sey, “Praise Baba-God wey don revenge di insult wey I receive from Nabal, and he stop me from revenge by mysef. Baba-God don put di wickedness of Nabal for hin own head.” Naso David send messengers to Abigail to ask her make she marry am.

40. Naso David servant go Carmel, con tell Abigail sey, “David don send us come meet you, to carry you come as hin wife.”

41. Naso she bow down dey face ground and she tok sey, “Na your servant be dis, I dey ready to serve you and wash di leg of my oga servants.”

42. Abigail stand up, con sharply climb donkey. She and her five girls wey dey take care of her follow David messengers, and naso she take turn to David wife.

43. David still marry Ahinoam of Jezreel, and di two of dem con be hin wives.

44. But Saul don give hin daughter Michal wey be David wife—to Paktiel wey be di son of Lavish—wey be from Gallim.


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