1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 26

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David No Gree Kill Saul Again

  1. Di Ziphites go meet Saul for Gibeah, con tok sey, “Abi David no dey hide for di hill of Hakilah wey dey opposite Jeshimon?”
  2. Naso Saul con go di desert of Ziph wit hin three thousand men of Israel wey he choose—to fyne David for di desert of Ziph
  3. Saul make hin camp di hill of Hikilah wey dey before Jeshimon, for di road, but David stay for inside di desert. Wen he see sey Saul don follow am reach there,
  4. He send pipo go spy, con hear sey Saul don true-true come.
  5. Naso David stand up, con go di place wey Saul set hin camp. He see where Saul dey sleep, plus Abner wey be di son of Ner, di commander of di army surround am. Saul con dey sleep for inside di camp, and di pipo camp round am.
  6. So David ask Ahimelech di Hittite plus Abishai wey be di son of Zeruiah, Joab broda—sey, “Who go follow me go down to Saul camp?” Abishai con ansa am sey, “I go follow you go.”
  7. So David plus Abishai go meet di army for night, and dem see Saul for di there—he dey lie down for inside di camp. He shuuk hin long-sharp-weapon near hin head for ground. And Abner plus all hin pipo lie down round am.
  8. Abishai con tell David sey, “Baba-God don put your enemy for your hand today. Abeg make I shuuk am for ground onces wit my long-sharp-weapon. I no go shuuk am two times.”
  9. But David tell Abishai sey, “Make you no kill am! Who fit touch pesin wey Baba-God don anoint, and di pesin mind no go judge am?”
  10. David con still tok sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey alive, na Baba-God hinsef go kill am; hin time go come, or he go go fight war, con die.
  11. But Baba-God forbid me to use my hand take kill pesin wey he anoint. Now carry di long-sharp-weapon wey dey near hin pillow, plus hin jug of water, and make we dey go.”
  12. So David carry di long-sharp-weapon and di jug of water wey dey near Saul head, and dem komot. No pesin see or know wetin happun. And no pesin wake up. All of dem dey sleep becos Baba-God don make deep sleep carry dem go.
  13. Naso David cross to di oda side, con stand on top of one hill from far-far; big space dey for dia middle.
  14. So he call di army and Abner wey be di son of Ner, “Abner abi you no go ansa me?” Abner con ansa am, “Who be you wey dey call di king?”
  15. David tok sey, “Abi you no be strong man? And who be like you for Israel? Why you no guard your oga di king? Pesin come kill your oga di king.
  16. Wetin you don do so no good. As surely as Baba-God dey live, you plus your men suppose die, becos una no guard una oga—di pesin wey Baba-God anoint. Look round you. Where di king weapon and di jug of water wey bin dey near hin head?”
  17. So Saul con notice David voice and he tok sey, “Na your voice be dat, David my pikin?” David con ansa am, “Yes na my voice, my oga and king.”
  18. And he con tok sey, “Why my oga dey pursue hin servant? Wetin I do, and which wrong tin I don do to you?
  19. Now abeg make my oga di king hear hin servant words. If na Baba-God don turn you against me, den make He accept offering. But if na men do am, den make Baba-God curse dey for dia head! Becos dem don pursue me komot today from sharing inside Baba-God, sey, ‘Go serve oda gods.’
  20. Now, make you no let my blood pour for ground, for place wey far from Baba-God. Di king of Israel don come out to fyne fly, like pesin wey dey hunt patridge [small bird] for mountains.
  21. Naso Saul tok sey, “I don commit sin. Come back, David my pikin. I no go try to kill you again, becos you reason sey my life get value today. Surely I don behave like mumu and I do big error.
  22. David ansa am, “Dis na di king weapon, make one of your young men come here to collect am.
  23. Baba-God dey pay everi pesin for dia clean-heart and faithfulness. Baba-God put your life for my hand today, but I no fit use my hand take kill di pesin wey Baba-God don anoint.
  24. And see, just as I take value your life today, make Baba-God sef value my life, con save me from everi wahala.”
  25. So Saul tell David sey, “Make Baba-God bless you my pikin, David; you go do ogbonge tins and you go surely succeed.” So David go hin way and Saul go back to hin house.


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