1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 27

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David Go Back To Gath

  1. So David reason wit hinsef sey, “One of dis days, Saul go kill me wit hin hand. Di best tin wey I fit do na to escape go di land of di Philistines. Den Saul go stop to dey fyne me any where for Israel, and I go komot from hin hand.”
  2. So David plus di six hundred men wit am komot, con go Achish wey be di son of Maoch, king of Gath.
  3. David and hin men settle for Gath wit Achish. All di men dey wit dia family, and David dey wit hin two wives: Ainoam of Jezreel, plus Abigail of Carmel—wey be Nabal widow.
  4. Wen dem tell Saul sey David don run go Gath, he stop to dey fyne David.
  5. So David tell Achish, “If I don see favour for your eyes, give me one small place for one town for your kontri, so dat I fit stay for there. Why your servant go dey stay di same royal city wit you?”
  6. So on dat day, Achish give am Ziklag, and since den, di place belong to di kings of Judah
  7. David live for Philistine territory for one year and four months.
  8. Now David and hin men go up to raid di Geshurites, di Girzites plus di Amalekites. [From olden days dis pipo don live for di land from Shur go reach Egypt.]
  9. Any time wey David attack any area, he dey kill all di men and women, but he go collect dia sheep plus malu, donkeys and camels, plus clothes. Den he go go back to Achish.
  10. Wen Achish ask am sey, “Where you go raid today?” David ansa am sey, “Di south of Judah,” or “Di south of Jerahmeel,” or “Di south of di Kenites.”
  11. He no dey live man or woman alive wey he go carry gist come Gath, becos he reason sey, “Or else dem go report us sey, ‘Dis na wetin David do.’” And naso David con dey do tru-out wen he live for di Philistine kontri.’
  12. Achish trust David and he tell hinsef sey, “Since David don make hinsef be like yeye to di pipo of Israel, he go be my servant forever.”


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