1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 28

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Saul and Di Witch of Endor

  1. Around those days, di Philistines gada dia armies to fight war wit Israel. Achish con tell David sey, “You must understand sey you and your men go follow me plus my army.”
  2. David con tok sey, “Den you go see for yoursef, wetin your servant fit do.” Achish ansa am sey, “Naso, I go make you my bodyguard for life.”
  3. Now Samuel don die, and di whole of Israel don mourn for am, and dem bury am for hin home town for Ramah. Saul bin don pursue di jazzmen plus di pipo wey dey consult dead spirits from di land.
  4. Di Philistines gada con set dia camp for Shunem, and Saul gada all di pipo of Israel, con set dia camp for Gilboa.
  5. Wen Saul see di Philistine army, fear con dey catch am; gbege con full hin heart.
  6. He pray to Baba-God but Baba-God no ansa am wit dream, or wit Urim, or prophets.
  7. Saul con tell hin servants sey, “Fyne one woman for me wey sabi tok to spirits of dead pipo, so dat I go fit meet her.”Saul servants con ansa am sey, “See, e get one woman wey sabi tok to spirits of di dead, for Endor.”
  8. So Saul disguise hinsef, he wear some oda clothes, and him and two of hin men go meet di woman for night. Saul con tok sey, “Tok to spirit for me. Bring di spirit of di pesin wey I go call hin name.”
  9. But di woman tell am sey, “Surely you know wetin Saul don do. He don kill all di pipo  wey sabi tok to spirits, plus di jazzmen. Why you con dey set trap for me wey fit kill me?”
  10. Saul swear to her wit di name of Baba-God, “As surely as Baba-God dey live, you no go receive punishment for wetin you dey do.”
  11. So di woman ask am, “Who you want make I bring for you?” Saul ansa her, “Bring Samuel spirit for me.”
  12. Wen di woman see Samuel, she cry wit loud voice, con tell Saul sey, “Why you play me wayo? Na you be Saul!”
  13. So di king tell her sey, “No let fear catch you. Wetin you see?” Naso di woman tok sey, “I see gods dey come out from di ground.”
  14. Saul con ask her, “Wetin e resemble?” She ansa am, “One old man wey dey wear long cloth.” Naso Saul con sabi sey na Samuel, and he bow down, wit hin face for ground.
  15. Samuel con tell Saul sey, “Why you dey disturb me by bringing my spirit come out?” Saul con ansa am, “I dey for inside serious yawa. Di Philistines dey fight against me, and Baba-God don turn komot from my side, he no dey ansa me again, even wit prophets or dreams. So I don call you to tell me wetin I go do.”
  16. So Samuel tok sey, “Why you dey meet me, now wey Baba-God don turn komot from your side, con turn to your enemy?
  17. Baba-God don do wetin he tok tru me. Baba-God don tear di kingdom komot from your hand, con carry am give one of your neighbours—David.
  18. Baba-God don do dis tin to you today, becos you no gree obey Baba-God—to epp am punish di pipo of Amalek—wit hin serious vex.
  19. Baba-God go carry both you and Israel give di Philistines, and tomorrow you and your sons go dey wit me, Baba-God go carry di army of Israel give di Philistines sef.”
  20. Sharp-sharp, naso Saul fall straight for ground, fear catch am well-well becos of wetin Samuel tok. Hin pawa vanish becos he neva chop anytin dat day and night.
  21. Wen di woman come meet Saul, con see sey he dey shake well-well, she con tell am sey, “See, me your servant-girl don obey you. I put my life for my hand con do wetin you tell me to do.
  22. Now abeg make you listen to me your servant, and make I give you some food, so dat you go fit chop, con get small pawa to go your way.”
  23. He no gree, con tok sey, “I no go chop.” But hin men join di woman to ginger am, and he listen to dem. He stand up from ground, con sidon for bed.
  24. Di woman get one small ororbor malu for her house. She kill am sharply. She carry some flour, she mix am, con make some bread wit no yeast.
  25. Naso she serve am for Saul and hin men, and dem chop am. Dat same night dem stand up con komot.


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