1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 29

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Di Philistines Suspect David

  1. Di Philistines gada all dia armies for Aphek, and Israel camp for di water wey dey flow near Jezreel.
  2. As di Philistine rulers con dey march wit dia groups of hundreds and thousands, David and hin men dey march for dia back wit Achish.
  3. Di commanders of di Philistines con ask, “Wot about dis Hebrews?” Achish ansa dem, “No be David be dat, wey be officer of Saul wey be di king of Israel? He don already dey wit me all dis years, and from di day wey he komot from Saul reach now, I neva see any error wit am.”
  4. But di Philistine commanders con dey vex for am, con tok sey, “Send di man go back, make he go back to di place wey you give am. He must no follow us go fight war, or he go change-am-for us wen di fight start. Which way beta pass dis one for am to take win hin oga heart, dan by taking di head of awa own men?
  5. No be dis be di David wey dem sing about for dia dance sey: “Saul kill thousands and David kill ten thousands’?”
  6. So Achish call David, con tell am sey, “Truth-to-God, you be clean man for my eyes, and e make sense if you march follow me wit my army, becos I no see any error wit you from di day wen you come meet me reach today. But di leaders no like you.
  7. Turn back make you dey go in peace; so dat you no go make di Philistines rulers vex.”
  8. So David ask am, “But wetin I don do? Wetin you notice against me your servant from di day wey I come reach now? Why I no fit go fight against di enemies of my oga di king?”
  9. Achish con ansa am, “I know sey you be good pesin for my eyes like Baba-God angel, but di Philistine commanders don tok sey, ‘He must no follow us go fight war.’
  10. Now make you get up for early mor-mor, along wit your oga servants wey follow you come, and wen una wake up for early mor-mor, make una komot as day start to dey break wit light.”
  11. So David and hin men stand up for early mor-mor to go back to di land of di Philistines, and di Philistines con go Jezreel.


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