1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 3

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Baba-God Call Samuel

  1. Di boy Samuel serve for Baba-God house, for front of Eli. Those days, Baba-God dey hardly follow pipo yarn, and no be plenty pipo fit see vision.
  2. One night Eli bin dey lie down for di place wey he dey always lie down. Hin eyes don dey weak and he no fit see well again.
  3. Baba-God lamp still dey burn for inside di worship-place, and Samuel bin dey lie down inside Baba-God house where Baba-God ark dey.
  4. Naso Baba-God call Samuel, and Samuel con ansa am, “I dey here.”
  5. And he run go meet Eli, con tok sey, “See me for here, you call me.” But Eli tok sey, “I no call you, go back go lie down.” So Samuel go back to sleep.
  6. Naso Baba-God call am again, “Samuel!” So Samuel stand up go meet Eli, con tok sey, “I dey for here, you call me.” But Eli tok sey, “My pikin, I no call you, go back to sleep.”
  7. Now Samuel neva sabi Baba-God: He neva sabi Baba-God word.
  8. Baba-God call Samuel di third time, naso Samuel stand up go meet Eli, con tok sey, “I dey for here, you call me.” So Eli con notice sey na Baba-God dey call di boy.
  9. So Eli tell Samuel sey, “Go lie down and if he call you, make you tok sey, ‘Tok, Oga, your servant dey hear you.’ ” So Samuel go lie down for hin place.
  10. Baba-God come stand for there, con call am as he bin call am before, “Samuel! Samuel!” Naso Samuel ansa, “Tok, your servant dey hear you.”
  11. And Baba-God tell Samuel sey: “See, I wan do sometin for Israel  wey go make di ears of everi pesin wey hear—ring.
  12. On dat day, I go do everitin wey I tok sey I go do against Eli family—from starting to end.
  13. Becos I tell am sey I go judge hin family forever becos of di sins wey he know about; becos hin sons do evil tins and he no gree stop dem.”
  14. So I swear to di house of Eli sey, no pesin go fit ever pay for di sins of Eli house wit sacrifice or offering. ”

Samuel Tok For Baba-God

15. Samuel lie down until morning reach, and naso he open di door of Baba-God house. Fear con dey catch am to tell Eli di vision wey he see.

16. But Eli call am, con tok sey, “Samuel my pikin.” Naso Samuel ansa am, “Na be me dis.”

17. Eli con ask am sey, “Wetin Baba-God tell you, abeg make you no hide am from me. Make Baba-God nack you, con even kill you, if you hide anytin wey he tell you—from me.”

18. So Samuel tell am everi-everi, he no hide anytin from am. Naso Eli tok sey, “Na Baba-God, make he do wetin dey good for hin eyes.”

19. Baba-God dey wit Samuel as he dey grow, and Baba-God no let Samuel words fail.

20. Naso di whole of Israel from Dan to Beersheba—con notice sey Samuel na prophet wey Baba-God don choose.


Baba-God kontinu to show-face for Shiloh, and Baba-God show hinsef to Samuel for Shiloh, wit message wit Baba-God word.


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