1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 30

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David Scata Di Amalekites

  1. Now David and hin men reach Ziklag on di third day. Now di Amalekites raid di south plus Ziklag. Dem attack Ziklag and dem burn am,
  2. dem carry women plus all di pipo wey dey for there, both big and small. Dem no kill any pesin but dem carry dem komot as dem dey go on dia way.
  3. Wen David and hin men reach Ziklag, dem see sey e don burn wit faya, and dem don catch all dia wives, dia daughters, plus dia sons,
  4. naso David and hin men con dey cry well-well, sote dem no con get pawa to cry again.
  5. Dem carry David two wives—Ahinoam of Jezreel, plus Abigail—wey be di widow of Nabal of Carmel.
  6. Wahala con burku for David head becos di men con dey tok about stoning am; all of dem dey para for dia spirit becos of dia pikin. But David con ginger hinsef inside Baba-God hin Oga.
  7. Naso David tell Abithar di priest—wey be Ahimelech son sey, “Carry di priest-cloth come meet me.”
  8. And David ask Baba-God sey, “Make I pursue dis tiff pipo? I go fit catch dem?” And Baba-God ansa am sey, “Pursue dem, you go surely catch dem con succeed to save your pipo.
  9. So David plus di six hundred men wey dey wit am, con go di stream of Besor, where some of dem con stop,
  10. Becos two hundred men don taya well-well, sote dem no fit cross di river. But David plus four hundred men kontinu to dey pursue dem.
  11. Dem see one Egyptian for one field, naso dem carry am come meet David. Dem give am water to drink plus food to chop, and he chop—
  12. Dem give am small fig cake plus two bunch of dry-grapes. So he chop con get small pawa, becos he neva chop any food or drink any water for three days plus three nights.
  13. So David ask am, “Who you belong to and where you come from?” He con tok sey, “I be Egyptian and I be slave of one Amalekite. My oga leave me wen I sick three days ago.
  14. We attack di south of di Kerethites and di area wey belong to Judah, plus di south of Caleb. And we burn Ziklag wit faya.”
  15. Naso David ask am sey, “You fit carry me go where those robbers dey?” So he ansa am, “I go carry you go if you promise me wit Baba-God name sey you no go kill me or carry me give my oga.”
  16. So he carry David go, and dem see dem for there, naso dem scata full di place—dem dey chop and drink, and dem dey jolly, becos of di plenty-plenty tins wey dem tiff from di land of di Philistines plus Judah.
  17. David fight dem from early mor-mor reach evening of di next day, and none of dem escape, except four-hundred young men wey use camels take run.
  18. David collect back all di tins wey di Amalekite tiff—plus hin two wives.
  19. Notin miss; big or small, boy or girl, everitin wey dem obtain plus everitin wey dem carry komot. David carry everitin come back.
  20. He still carry all di malu plus sheep; wey hin men move for front of those oda animals, and dem con dey halla “Dis na David gain from war!”
  21. Naso David come meet di two-hundred men wey don taya well-well and wey no fit follow dem, and dem stay back for Besor River. Dem come front come meet David and hin men, so David go meet dem con greet dem well-well.
  22. But all di evil men and useless men wey dey among those pipo wey follow David, con tok sey, “We no go share wetin we collect from awa enemies, becos dem no gree follow us go. But everi man fit take hin wife plus hin pikin, con dey go.”
  23. So David ansa dem, “Lai-lai, my brodas, make una no do dat kain tin wit wetin Baba-God don give us. He don protect us, con put di pipo wey come fight us for awa hand.
  24. Who go listen to wetin una dey tok? Everi pesin must get di same share. Di pipo wey no follow go fight and wey dey wit awa tins—go get di same tin wit di pipo wey go fight.
  25. David con make am as law, and di pipo of Israel keep am ever since den.
  26. Wen David reach Ziklag, he send some of di tins wey dem collect from dia enemies to di senior-men of Judah—wey be hin padi, con tell dem sey, “Dis na gift for una from wetin we collect from Baba-God enemies.”
  27. He send am to those wey dey for Bethel, South of Ramoth, and Jattir.
  28. And to those wey dey for  Aroer, Siphmoth, Eshtemoa
  29. And Racal; to those wey dey for di cities of di Jerahmeelites plus Kenites;
  30. And to dem wey dey for Hormath, Chorashan, plus Athach,
  31. And to dem wey dey for Hebron, and to all di oda places where David and hin men bin go.


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