1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 4

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Di Philistines Carry Di Ark

  1. Naso word of Samuel come meet di whole of Israel. Around dat time, di pipo of Israel go fight war against di Philistines. Di pipo of Israel set dia camp for Ebenezer, and di Philistines set dia camp for Aphek.
  2. Di Philistines move dia army go meet Israel, and as di fight start to dey spread, di Philistines win Israel—di Philistines kill almost four thousand sojas for ground.
  3. Wen di sojas go back to di camp, di senior-men of Israel con ask, “Why Baba-God let us loose for front of di Philistines today? Make we bring di Ark of Baba-God agreement from Shiloh, so dat e follow us go, con save us from awa enemies hand.”
  4. So di pipo send men go Shiloh, and dem carry di Ark of agreement of Baba-God Almighty—Baba-God wey sidon for king-chair for di middle of di Cherubim. Eli two sons, Hophni plus Phinehas dey wit di Ark of di agreement of Baba-God.
  5. Wen di ark of Baba-God agreement enta di camp, all di pipo of Israel con dey shout sote di ground con dey shake.
  6. As di Philistines hear di shout, dem con ask sey, “Wetin be all dis serious noise and shout wey dey come from di camp of di pipo of Israel?” Dem con sabi sey di ark of Baba-God don enta di camp.
  7. Di Philistines con dey fear. Dem tok sey, “Dem don carry Baba-God enta dia camp, wahala dey for us! Notin like dis don ever happun before.
  8. Wahala for us! Who go save us from di hands of dis big God. Na dis be di God wey kill di Egyptians wit all di sickness for inside desert.
  9. Make una dey strong oh Philistines! Make una be men, or una go turn to slaves for di Hebrews, just as una bin take rule dem. Stand up like men, and make una fight!”
  10. So di Philistines fight and dem win di pipo of Israel. Naso everi man run go hin house. Dem kill Israel well-well; thirty thousand men wey dey fight for ground die.
  11. Di Philistines carry di ark of Baba-God, and Eli two pikin—Hophni plus Phinehas die sef.

As Eli Take Kpeme

12. Dat same day, one man wey be from Benjamin run come from di war, con go Shiloh, hin cloth don tear and dust dey for hin head.

13. Wen he reach there, Eli dey sidon for hin chair wey dey for corner of road, and he dey watch, becos hin heart dey fear becos of Baba-God ark. Wen di man enta di city, con tok wetin happun, di whole city con dey cry.

14. Eli hear di loud cry and he ask, “Wetin be di meaning of dis loud cry?” Di man rush go meet Eli, con tell am wetin happun.

15. Eli na ninety-eight years old and hin eyes don dey close—sote he no fit see well.

16. Naso di man tell Eli sey, “I just dey come back from di army; I run komot from there today.” Eli con ask am sey, “Wetin happun my pikin?”

17. Di man wey carry di news come, con tok sey, “Israel run from di Philistines, and di enemy don kill awa pipo well-well. Even your two pikin—Hophni plus Phinehas don die, and di Philistines don carry Baba-God ark.”

18. Wen di man tok about Baba-God Ark, Eli fall go back from hin chair, for corner of di gate. He break hin neck and naso he take kpeme, becos he be old man and he heavy. He judge Israel for forty years.

19. Hin daughter-in-law, Phinehas wife bin get-belle, and e con dey reach di time for her to born. Wen she hear di news sey Baba-God Ark don enta enemies hand, and sey her fada-in-law plus her husband don die, naso di pikin con dey come out from her belle, and she born, but she no fit stand di pain of labour.

20. As she dey die, di women wey dey epp her born di pikin con tok sey, “No fear, you don born baby-boy.” But she no ansa dem or listen to wetin dem dey tok.

21. She name di boy Ichabod, she tok sey, “Di levels don komot from Israel”; becos enemies don carry Baba-God ark, and becos of di death of her fada-in-law plus her husband.

22. She tok sey, “Di levels don komot from Israel, becos enemies don carry Baba-God ark.”


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