1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 6

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Baba-God Ark Come Back To Israel

  1. Baba-God ark con dey for di Philistine kontri for seven months,
  2. so di Philistine call di priests plus dia babalawo, con tok sey, “Wetin we go do to Baba-God ark, tell us how we go take send am go back to e place.”
  3. So dem ansa, “If una wan return di ark of Baba-God of Israel, make una no send am go empty, but make una make sure sey una send am wit gift to pay for una sins. Naso una go heal, and una go sabi why hin hand no komot from una.”
  4. Di Philistine con ask sey, “Which guilty offering we go send to am?” So dem ansa, “Five boils wey dem make wit gold, plus five golden rat—based-on di numbas of leaders for Philistine, becos di sickness dey on all of una plus di leaders.
  5. So una go make images of una boils, and images of di rat wey scata una kontri. And make una show respect to Baba-God of Israel, maybe he go stop to dey suffer una, una gods, plus una land.
  6. Why una get strong heart like di Egyptians and as Pharaoh bin do? Wen he treat dem in a harsh way, abi dem no send di pipo of Israel komot so dat dem fit go on dia own way?
  7. “So now build new truck, and fyne two malu wey just born pikin. Make sure sey dem neva use di malu carry load before. Tie di malu join di truck, but keep dia pikin for where animals dey stay.
  8. Carry Baba-God Ark, con put am for di truck, and put di gold tins wey una dey send back to am as sin offering—for inside one box near di Ark. Den let di malu go on e own.
  9. But make una kontinu to dey watch am, if e go up to e own territory—dey face Bethshenesh, den na Baba-God bring dis serious gbege on us. But if e no face dat side, den we go sabi sey no be hin hand hit us, but e just happun to us like dat.”
  10. So dem do dis tin. Dem carry two malu wey just born pikin, con tie dem join di truck. But dem keep dia pikin for where dem dey keep animals.
  11. Dem put Baba-God Ark on top of di truck, togeda wit di box wey contain di gold rats and golden boils.
  12. Naso di malu go up straight to Bethshemesh, dem carry-go straight for di road. Dem dey halla as dem dey go. Dem no turn go left or right.  Di Philistine rulers follow dem far-far go reach di border of Bethshemesh.
  13. Now di pipo of Besthshemesh bin dey harvest dia wheat for bottom-of-mountain, and wen dem look up, con see di Ark, dem start to dey celebrate as dem see am.
  14. Di truck reach di land of Joshua of Bethshemesh, and e stop for there, for near one big rock. So di pipo break di wood of di truck, con use am take make faya, and dem kill di malu as burnt offering to Baba-God.
  15. Di Levites carry Baba-God Ark come down, togeda wit di box wey contain gold tins, con put dem on top of di big rock. On dat day, di pipo of Bethshemesh give burnt offerings and dem make sacrifices to Baba-God.
  16. Di five rulers of di Philistine see all dis tins and dem go back to Ekron dat same day.
  17. Di five gold boils wey di Philistines send as guilty offering to Baba-God na gifts from di rulers of Ashdod, Gaza, Askelon, Gath, plus Ekron—one-one from everi king.
  18. Di gold rat represent di five Philistine cities wey belong to di five kings—both cities wit wall plus di villages wey surround dem—even fa-far go reach one big stone for Abdel, for where dem set Baba-God ark. Di big rock still dey stand for di land of Joshua, di Bethshemite, as witness to wetin happun for there.

Dem Move Di Ark Go Kiriath-Jearim

19. But Baba-God kill some of di men of Bethshemesh, he kill 50,070 men, becos dem look inside Baba-God Ark. Naso di pipo con dey cry becos Baba-God don kill dem well-well.

20. And di men of Bethshemesh ask, “Who fit stand for Baba-God front, dis holy God? Where we go send di Ark go from here?”

21. Naso dem send messengers to di pipo of Kiriathjearim sey, “Di Philistines don carry Baba-God Ark come back. Make una come down con carry am go una place.


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