1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 7

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                     Israel Win Di Pipo Of Philistines

1. So di men of Kiriathjearim come, con carry Baba-God Ark. Dem carry am go Abinadab house wey dey for side of di hill, and he bless hin son Eleazar—to dey in charge of Baba-God Ark.

Samuel Judge Israel

2. E tey well-well, twenty years wey di Ark dey for Kiriathjearim. Tru-out dis time, all di pipo of Israel con dey cry to Baba-God—dey fyne hin face.

3. And Samuel tell di whole house of Israel sey, “If una wan come meet Baba-God wit all una heart, den make una komot all di foreign gods plus una image of Ashtaroth. Make una turn una hearts to Baba-God, con obey only Baba-God; naso he go take save una from di Philistines hands.

4. So di pipo of Israel komot dia Baalim plus Ashtoreth, dem con dey worship only Baba-God.

5. So Samuel tok sey, “Gada all di pipo of Israel come Mizpha, and I go epp una beg Baba-God.”

6. Wen dem don gada for Mizpah, for di ceremony, dem fetch water con pour am out for Baba-God front. On dat day, dem fast, and dem tok sey, “Baba-God, we don sin against you.” And Samuel judge di pikins of Israel for Mizpah.

7. Wen di Philistines hear sey di pipo of Israel don gada for Mizpah, di rulers of di Philistines come up to attack dem, and wen di pipo of Israel hear about am, fear con dey catch dem becos of di Philistines.

8. Naso di pipo of Israel tell Samuel sey, “No stop to dey beg Baba-God awa Oga for us, to save of from di Philistines!”

9. So Samuel carry small lamb, con sacrifice am to Baba-God as full burnt offering. He beg Baba-God to epp Israel, and Baba-God ansa am.

10. As Samuel dey sacrifice di burnt offering, di Philistines show-face to attack Israel. But dat day, Baba-God halla hin thunder wit loud voice—wey con cos katakata for di Philistines—sote Israel win dem and dem run.

11. Di men of Israel komot from Mizpah, dem pursue di Philistines, con kill dem, until dem reach one area wey dey for under Beth-car.

12. So Samuel carry stone, con set am up for between Mizpah and Shen. He name di place ‘Ebenezer’—wey mean, ‘Di stone of epp,’ he tok sey, “Baba-God don epp us reach here!”

13. So dem win di Philistines and dem no cross to Israel territory again. Tru-out Samuel life, Baba-God hand con dey against di Philistines.

14. Israel take back di cities from Ekron reach Gath—wey di Philistines been take from Israel, and Israel save di communities wey dey around, from di hands of di Philistines. So peace con dey between Israel plus di Amorites.

15. Samuel kontinu as Judge for Israel all di days of hin life.

16. From year to year he travel round go Bethel, Gilgal, plus Mizpah—and he judge Israel for all those places.

17. But he always go back to Ramah where hin house dey, and na from there he take dey judge Israel. So he build altar for there for Baba-God.


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