1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 8

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          Di Pipo of Israel Ask For King

  1. Wen Samuel don old well-well, he choose hin sons as judges for Israel.
  2. Di name of hin first born na Joel, and hin second son na Abijah, and dem serve for Beersheba as judges.
  3. But hin sons no follow all hin ways. Dem con dey do ojoro becos of moni, dem collect bribe, con even dey do jibiti for inside court [dem dey bend justice].
  4. So all di senior-pipo of Israel gada togeda come meet Samuel for Ramath.
  5. Dem tell am sey, “You don old, and your sons no dey follow your ways, now choose king wey go lead us, just as all di oda nations get king.”
  6. But wen dem tok sey, “Give us king to judge us,” e no make Samuel happy; so he pray to Baba-God.
  7. And Baba-God tell am sey: “Listen to everitin wey di pipo dey tell you; no be you dem dey reject, but na me dem dey reject as dia king.
  8. As dem bin dey do from di day wey I carry dem komot from Egypt till today, dem dey fashi me, con dey follow oda gods, naso dem dey do you sef now.
  9. Now listen to dem; but warn dem seriously about di way king go take rule dem.”
  10. So Samuel tell all di pipo wey dey ask for king—everitin wey Baba-God tok.
  11. He tok sey, “Dis na wetin di king wey go rule una go do: He go take una sons, con make dem serve wit hin horse-moto and to be hin horse-riders, and some of dem go run for front of hin horse-moto.
  12. He go choose some of dem as hin captains of thousands, and captains of fifties, and odas go work for hin farm, con hustle for hin harvest. Some odas go make weapons wey dem take dey fight war, plus tools for hin horse-moto.
  13. Di king go collect una daughters from una, con force dem to be cooks and bakers, and to make perfumes.
  14. He go take di best of una land and una grape-farms, plus olive plantation, con carry dem give hin own servants.
  15. He go take ten percent of una fruits plus di harvest of una grapes, con share am among hin officers plus hin workers.
  16. Una house-boys and house-girls, and di best of una young guys, plus una donkeys—nahin di king go collect for hin own work.
  17. If una get hundred animals, he go take ten, and una go turn to hin servant.
  18. Wen dat day reach, una go cry for freedom from di king wey una don choose, and Baba-God no go ansa una dat day.”
  19. But di pipo no gree listen to Samuel. Dem tok sey, “Lai-lai. We want king wey go rule us.
  20. So dat we go be like oda nations, wit king wey dey judge us, and wey go go for awa front, con fight awa wars.”
  21. Wen Samuel hear everitin wey di pipo don tok, he tell Baba-God.
  22. Baba-God ansa am sey, “Listen to dem, and give dem king.” Naso Samuel tell di men of Israel sey, “Make everi pesin dey go back to hin city.”


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