1st Samuel

1st Samuel Chapter 9

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       Samuel Choose Saul As King

  1. E get one man from Benjamin. Hin name na Kish, na di son of Abiel, son of Zeror, na di son of  Bechorath, di son of  Aphiah—wey be from Benjamin and na strong man wey get pawa.
  2. He get one son wey hin name na Saul, na beta young man wey sabi, and he get levels pass all hin mate for Israel. He tall well-well sote hin mate dey reach am for hin shoulder.
  3. Saul papa donkeys con lost. So Kish tell Saul hin pikin sey. Now carry one of di servants follow-body, and make una go fyne di donkeys.
  4. So he pass tru di mountain of Ephraim, and tru di land of Shalisha, but dem no see di donkeys. Dem carry-go reach Shaalim, but dem no see di donkeys for there. Naso dem still pass tru di territory of Benjamin, but dem no still see di donkeys for there.
  5. Wen dem reach di area of Zuph, Saul con tell di servant wey dey wit am sey,  “Come make we dey go back, or my papa go stop to dey tink about di donkeys, con dey tink about us.”
  6. But di servant ansa am sey, “Look, e get one man of God wey dey for inside dis city, pipo dey respect am well-well, and everitin wey he dey tok dey happun. Make we dey go there now. Maybe he fit tell us which way wey we go follow.”
  7. Naso Saul tell di servant sey, “If we go, wetin we fit give di man? Di food wey dey for awa bags don finish. We no get any gift wey we go carry go meet di man of God. Wetin we get?”
  8. Di servant con ansa Saul sey, “Look, I get quarter of one silver coin.  I go give am to di man of God, so dat he go tell us which way we go follow.”
  9. Before-before, for Israel, if pesin go fyne sometin from Baba-God, di pesin go tok sey, “Come make we go meet dibia [babalawo],” becos before-before, dem bin dey call di prophets wey dey today, dibia [babalawo].
  10. So Saul tell di servant sey, “E make sense, come make we dey go.” So dem go di city where di man of God dey.
  11. As dem dey waka go up to di hill of di city, dem see some babes wey dey come out to fetch water, and dem ask dem sey, “Na here di prophet dey?”
  12. So dem ansa sey, “He dey for here, he dey for front. Make una waka fast; he just come awa city today, becos di pipo get sacrifice for di worship-place.
  13. As una just enta inside di city, una go see am before he climb up to di high place to go chop. Di pipo no go start to dey chop until he come, becos he must bless di sacrifice; lata-lata, those pipo wey dem invite go con chop. Make una dey go up now; una go meet am around dis time.”
  14. Naso dem go up to di city, and as dem dey enta di city, dem see Samuel dey come dia side as he dey go up to di worship-place.
  15. Di day before Samuel show, Baba-God don bin  tell Samuel sey,
  16. “Around dis time tomorrow, I go send one man come meet you wey be from di tribe of Benjamin. Anoint am as captain of my pipo Israel; he go save my pipo from di hands of di Philistines. I don look my pipo and dia cry don reach where I dey.”
  17. Wen Samuel see Saul, Baba-God tell am sey, “Dis na di man wey I bin tell you about; he go lead my pipo.”
  18. Saul waka meet Samuel near di gate, con ask am sey, “Abeg you fit tell me where di prophet house dey?”
  19. Naso Samuel ansa am, “Na me be di prophet, make you dey carry-go di worship place for front. We go chop for there togeda, and for morning I go con tell you everitn wey dey for inside your heart.
  20. As for di donkeys wey una lost three days ago, make you no worry about dem; dem don see dem. But who di pipo of Israel really want? Abi no be you and your family house be di hope?
  21. So Saul ansa, “Abi I no be from Benjamin, di tribe wey small pass for Israel, abi my family no be one of di smallest families for di tribe of Benjamin? Why you dey tell me dis kain tins?
  22. So Samuel carry Saul wit hin servant enta di parlour, and he make dem sidon for di best place for table—to give dem levels pass di thirty special pipo wey dem invite for there.
  23. Samuel con tell di cook sey, “Bring di piece of meat wey I give you, di one wey I tell you sey make you keep for one corner.”
  24. So di pesin wey dey cook, con carry di shoulder of di meat, wit di part wey dey on am, con put am for Saul front. Naso Samuel tok sey, “See wetin I don keep for you, put am for your front make you chop am. I don keep am for you since di time wey I tok sey I don invite pipo.” And Saul chop wit Samuel dat day.
  25. Afta dem come down from di worship-place, and dem go back to di city, Samuel carry Saul go on top of di house, con gist wit am for there.
  26. Dem wake up for early mor-mor and as di day just break, naso Samuel call Saul for on top of di house, con tok sey, “Make you ready so dat I go fit send you dey go.” Wen Saul ready, him and Samuel go outside togeda.
  27. As dem dey waka dey go for corner of di city, Samuel con tell Saul sey, “Tell your servant make he dey waka dey go front on us.” So di servant con dey waka for front, “But make you stay for here small, so dat I fit give you message from Baba-God.”


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