Judged Chapter 17

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Micah Idol

  1. E get one man dey dem dey call Micah from di mountain of Ephraim.
  2. He con tell hin mama sey, “Di 1,100 silver coins wey dem take from you and wey I hear you dey curse di pesin wey take am, dat silver dey wit me, na me take am.” Naso hin mama tell am sey, “Make Baba-God bless you my pikin!”
  3. Wen he give hin mama back di 1,100 pieces of silver, she con tok sey, “I dey give dis silver coins to Baba-God. I go sey make dem carve image and make idol—for my son.”
  4. So he give hin mama back di silver, and she take 200 silver coins, con carry am give silversmith. Naso he use am take make image and idol. And dem carry am put for Micah house.
  5. Dis man wey dem dey call Micah get shrine, and he make priest-cloth plus some house-idols. He con put one of hin sons for there as priest.
  6. Those days, Israel no get king, but everi pesin dey do di tins wey dem feel sey dey right.
  7. One young Levite from Bethlehem, from di family of Judah. Na Levite, and he show-face for dat area.
  8. He komot from dat city, from Bethlehem for Judah—to fyne place to stay. As he dey go, he reach Micah house for mountain Ephraim.
  9. Micah ask am sey, “Where you come from?” So he ansa am, “I be Levite from Bethlehem inside Judah, and I dey fyne place to stay.”
  10. So Micah tell am sey, “Stay wit me and be my papa and priest, and I go give you ten silver coins everi year, con give your clothes plus food.” So di Levite enta di house.
  11. So di Levite agree to live wit am, and di young man con be like one of hin sons.
  12. Naso Micah turn di Levite to hin priest, and he stay for Micah house.
  13. So Micah tok sey, “Now I know sey Baba-God go dey do beta tin for me, since dis Levite don turn to my priest


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