Judges Chapter 12

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Jephthah Plus Ephraim

  1. Di men of Ephraim call all dia army, con move go north, and dem tell Jephthah sey, “Why you go follow di pipo of Ammon fight and you no call us to follow you? We go burn down your house for your head.”
  2. So Jephthah ansa dem, “Me and my pipo bin dey inside serious fight wit di pipo of Ammon, and even wen I call, una no save me from dia hands.
  3. Wen I see sey una no go epp, I carry my life for my own hand and I cross go fight di pipo Ammon, so Baba-God make me win dem. Now why una come dey fight me today?”
  4. Naso Jephthah call di men of Gilead togeda and dem fight Ephraim. Di pipo of Gilead nack dem put for ground becos di pipo of Ephraim tok sey, “Una wey be di pipo of Gilead na refugees, una dey even stay for di land wey belong to Ephraim plus Manasseh.”
  5. Naso Gilead take-over di low side of River Jordan wey dey lead to Ephraim, and any time wey pesin from Ephraim wey survive di fight tok sey, “Make I cross go di oda side,” di men of Gilead go ask am sey, “Abi you no be from di tribe of Ephraim?” If he ansa, “No,”
  6. Dem go con tok sey, “Okay, oya tok sey, ‘Shibboleth.’ ” If he con tok sey, “Sibboleth,” becos he no fit tok di word well, dem go hollam, con kill am for di low side of River Jordan. Dem kill forty two thousand men of Ephraim dat time.
  7. Jephthah lead Israel for six years. Naso Jephthah from Gilead die, and dem bury am for one of di cities of Gilead.

Ibzan, Elon and Abdon

8. Afta am, Ibzan of Bethlehem con lead Israel.

9. He get thirty sons plus thirty daughters. He give hin daughters to marry those pipo wey no be hin family-pipo, and for hin sons—he bring wives for dem from oda women wey no be hin family-pipo. Ibzan lead Israel for seven years.

10. Ibzan kpeme and dem bury am for Bethlehem.

11. Afta am, Elon wey be from Zubulun con judge Israel for ten years.

12. Naso Elon from Zubulun con die, and dem bury am for Aijalon for di land of Zubulun.

13. Afta am, Abdon wey be di son of Hille, from Pirathon con lead Israel.

14. Abdon get forty sons plus thirty nephews wey dey ride seventy donkeys. He lead Israel for eight years.

15. Abdon wey be di son of Hillel con die, and dem bury am for Pirathon for di land of Ephraim—for di mountain of di Amalekites.


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