Judges Chapter 13

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As Dem Take Born Samson

  1. Di pipo of Israel con do evil tin for Baba-God eyes again, so Baba-God carry dem give di Philistines for forty years.
  2. E get one man from Zorah wey dem dey call Manoah from di families of Dan. He get wife wey no get pikin and wey no fit born pikin.
  3. Baba-God angel show-face to her, con tell her sey, “You no get pikin, and you no fit born pikin, but you go get-belle con born baby-boy.
  4. Now make sure sey you no drink wine or ogogoro, and no chop anytin wey no clean,
  5. Becos you go get-belle, con born baby-boy. Make no razor touch hin head, becos di boy go be special offering to Baba-God as Nazirite* from hin mama belle, and he go start to dey save di pipo of Israel from di hands of di Philistines.”
  6. Naso di woman go meet her husband, con gist am, “One man of God come meet me. He resemble Baba-God angel—I con dey wonder wen I see am. I no ask am where he come from, and he no gree tell me hin name.
  7. But he tell me sey, ‘You go get-bell, con born baby-boy. So make you no drink any wine or ogogoro, and no chop anytin wey no clean, becos di boy go be Nazirite wey dem separate for Baba-God from wen you born am until he go die.’ ”
  8. Naso Manoah pray to Baba-God: “Oh Baba-God, I dey beg you, make di man of God wey you send to us come again to teach us how we go take train di pikin wey we go born.”
  9. Baba-God hear Manoah, and Baba-God angel come again to meet di woman as she dey for farm; but her husband Manoah no dey wit her.
  10. Di woman rush go tell her husband, con tell am sey, “Di man wey show-face to me di oda day—dey around now!”
  11. Manoah stand up con follow hin wife. Wen he come meet di man, he ask am sey, “Na you be di pesin wey follow my wife tok?” Naso he ansa am, “Na me!”
  12. So Manoah ask am sey, “Make wetin you tok happun. How we go take train di pikin, and wetin we go do for am?”
  13. So Baba-God angel ansa Manoah sey, “Your wife must do everitin wey I tell her.
  14. She must no chop grapes or dry-grapes, or drink any wine or ogogoro, or chop anytin wey no clean. She must do everitin wey I don tell her to do.”
  15. Manoah con tell Baba-God angel sey, “Abeg stay wit us small until we arrange one small goat for you.”
  16. But Baba-God angel ansa am, “Even though you make me stay, I no go chop any of una food. But if you go give burnt offering, give am to Baba-God.” [Manoah no sabi sey na Baba-God angel.]
  17. Manoah con ask Baba-God angel sey, “Wetin be your name, so dat we go fit respect you wen wetin you tok happun?”
  18. So he ansa dem, “Why you dey ask for my name, since e go make you wonder.”
  19. Naso Manoah carry one small goat, togeda wit seed offering, and he sacrifice am for one rock, to Baba-God. And di angel do ogbonge tin as Manoah and hin wife dey look.
  20. As di faya rise up from di altar to heaven, naso Baba-God angel go up inside di faya. As dem see wetin dey happun, Manoah and hin wife con bow dia face for ground.
  21. Wen Baba-God angel don disappear finish from Manoah and hin wife, Manoah con sabi sey na Baba-God angel.
  22. He con tell hin wife sey, “We go surely die, becos we don see Baba-God!”
  23. But hin wife ansa am, “If to sey Baba-God mean to kill us, he for no accept burnt offering and seed offering from awa hands, or show us all dis tins, or tell us dis tin now.”
  24. Naso di woman born baby-boy, and he call hin name Samson. Di pikin grow, and Baba-God bless am.
  25. Baba-God Spirit con start to dey ginger Samson, for di camp of Dan, between Zorah and Eshtaol.


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