Judges Chapter 14

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mson Take Marry Hin Philistine Wife

  1. Samson go Timnah and he con see one young Philistine girl.
  2. Wen he come back, he tell hin papa and mama sey, “I don see one Philistine woman for Timnah; now make una epp me get her as my wife.”
  3. Hin papa and mama con ansa am sey, “Abi beta woman no dey among di daughters of your brodas, or among all my pipo? Must you go marry wife from di Philistines wey no circumcise?” But Samson ansa hin papa sey, “Get her for me. Na she be di correct woman for me.”
  4. [Hin papa and mama no sabi sey dis tin na from Baba-God wey dey fyne way to face di Philistines; becos dem dey rule Israel dat time.]
  5. So Samson go Timnah togeda wit hin papa and mama. As dem dey reach di grape-farms of Timnah, naso one young lion just come, con dey shout come meet am.
  6. Naso Baba-God Spirit enta hin body wit pawa, sote he tear di lion to pieces wit hin ordinary hand as he for use take tear small goat. But he no tell hin mama or papa wetin he do.
  7. Naso he go follow di woman tok, and he like her well-well.
  8. Lata-lata, wen he go back to marry her, he turn look corner, con see di deadbody of di lion. Plenty bees plus honey dey inside di lion deadbody.
  9. He use hin hand pack some honey, con dey chop am as he dey go. Wen he join hin papa and mama for front, he give dem some honey, and demsef chop am. But he no tell dem sey he pack di honey from di lion deadbody.
  10. Naso hin papa go see di woman, and Samson do party for there—dis na di tradition for man-wey-wan-marry.
  11. Wen di Philistines see am, dem choose 30 men to stay wit am.
  12. Samson con tell dem sey, “Make I tell una one twist-tok, if una fit give me di ansa for di time of dis seven days party, I go give una thirty linen cloth, plus thirty set of clothes.
  13. If una no fit tell me di ansa, una must give me thirty linen clothes, plus thirty set of clothes.” So dem tok sey, “Tell us your twist-tok, make we hear am.”
  14. So he ansa dem, “From di mouth wey dey chop, nahin food show-face; and from di strong, nahin sweet tin show-face.” So dem no fit give am di ansa for three days.
  15. E con happun sey, on di fourth day, naso dem tell Samson wife sey, “Whyne your husband to explain di twist-tok for us, or we go burn you and your papa family to death. Abi you invite us come here to rob us?”
  16. Samson wife throw hersef put for Samson body, naso she dey cry, con tok sey, “You hate me! And you no love me. You don give my pipo twist-tok, but you no gree tell me di ansa.” Samson ansa her, “I neva even explain am to my papa or mama, so why you wan make I explain am for you?”
  17. She con dey cry for di whole seven days of di party. So he tell her las-las on di seventh day becos she no stop to dey ask am. Naso she sef go explain di twist-tok to her pipo.
  18. Before evening reach on di seventh day, di men of di city con tell Samson sey, “Wetin sweet pass honey? Wetin strong pass lion?” Naso Samson tell dem sey, “Una no fit sabi di ansa if una neva use my malu work for farm.”
  19. Naso Baba-God Spirit enta hin body wit pawa. He move go Ashkelon, he kill thirty of dia men, he collect dia properties from dem, con carry dia clothes give di pipo wey explain di twist-tok. Naso he use serious vex take komot go hin papa house.
  20. So dem give Samson wife to hin padi wey be hin best man for di wedding.


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