Judges Chapter 15

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Samson Revenge On Di Philistines

  1. Lata-lata, wen di time for wheat harvest reach, Samson carry one small goat, con go visit hin wife. He tok sey, “I dey go inside my wife room.” But her papa no gree let am enta inside.
  2. Her papa con tok sey, “I bin dey sure sey you hate her well-well, so I carry her give your padi. Abi her junior sista no fyne pass her? Abeg marry her instead.”
  3. Samson con tok sey, “Dis time I get right to vex for di Philistines; I go true-true wound dem.”
  4. So he go out, con catch three hundred fox, he tie dia tails togeda, tail to tail—two-two. He con tie stick-of-faya for everi of di two-two tails.
  5.  Naso he on faya for di torch, con loose all di fox, make dem run pass di Philistine farms. He burn all dia food reach ground, even di seed wey dem don harvest plus di ones wey dem neva harvest—wit di grape-farms plus dia olives.
  6. Wen di Philistine ask sey, “Who do dis tin?” Naso dem tell dem sey, “Na Samson di Timnite son-in-law, becos dem give hin wife to hin padi.” So di Philistines go burn she and her papa wit faya.
  7. So Samson tell dem sey, “Since una don behave like dis, I no go stop until I revenge on una.”
  8. He attack dem wit serious vex, con kill dem well-well. He con go stay for inside one rock for Etam.
  9. Di Philistines go up, con camp to Judah, dem spread reach Lehi.
  10. Naso di men of Judah ask, “Why una don come fight us?” Dem ansa, “We don come arrest Samson, and to do am wetin he do us.”
  11. So di three thousand men from Judah go di rock of Etam, con tell Samson sey, “Abi you no know sey na di Philistines dey rule us? Which kain tin you don do us now?” He ansa dem, “I do dem no wetin dem do me.”
  12. Dem con tell am sey, “We don come tie you and to carry you give di Philistines.” So Samson tok sey, “Swear to me sey una no go kill me by unasef.”
  13. Naso dem ansa am, “No. We go only tie you well, con carry you give di Philistines. We no go kill you.” So dem tie am wit two new ropes, and dem carry am komot from di rock.
  14. As he con dey reach Lehi, di Philistines shout for am. Naso Baba-God Spirit enta hin body wit pawa. Di ropes wey dey for hin hand con be like thread wey dem burn wit faya, and di ropes loose from hin hands.
  15. He see one fresh jawbone of donkey, he carry am, con use am take kill one thousand men.
  16. Naso Samson tok sey, “I don use donkey jawbone take gada plenty-plenty deadbody. Na wit donkey jawbone I use take kill one thousand men.”
  17. Wen he tok finish, he throway di jawbone; and he call di place Ramathlehi.
  18. Naso he cry to Baba-God becos water con dey hungry am well-well, “You don give your servant dis ogbonge victory. Abi na water wey dey hungry me nahin must kill me, and I go con fall enta di hands of dis pipo wey no circumcise?”
  19. Naso Baba-God make water burst out from hole for ground. Samson con dey alright as he drink di water, and hin spirit ginger am. Naso he call di name of di place Enhakkore, di place dey for Lehi till today.
  20. Samson lead Israel for twenty years for di days of di Philistines.


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