Judges Chapter 18

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Di Pipo of Dan Obtain Micah Idol

  1. Those days, Israel no get King. And those days, di tribe of Dan dey fyne place wey go be dia own and where dem fit settle down, becos dem neva still get any land among di tribes of Israel.
  2. So di pipo of Dan send five fighters from Zorah and Eshtaol to fyne land for dem to settle down put. Dem con tell di men sey, “Make una go look di land.” Wen dem reach mountain Ephraim, dem reach Micah house, con spend di night for there.
  3. As dem dey for Micah house, dem notice di voice of di young Levite; so dem turn enta di place con ask am, “Who carry you come here? Wetin you dey do for dis place? Why you dey for here?”
  4. So he tell dem wetin Micah do for am, con tok sey, “He don employ me and I be hin priest.”
  5. Naso dem tell am sey, “Abeg epp us ask Baba-God whether awa waka go dey successful.”
  6. Di priest ansa dem, “Make una dey go wit peace. Baba-God don confam una waka.”
  7. So di five men komot con reach Laish. Dem see sey di pipo dey live wit no wahala, like di pipo of Sidon wey quiet and wey no get wahala. Dem get everitin wey dem want for di land. And dem no get any leader for di land wey dey oppress dem for anytin. Dem dey live far from di pipo of Sidon, and dem no dey do business wit outside pipo.
  8. Wen dem go back to Zorah and Eshtaol, dia brodas ask dem sey, “Howfar about wetin una go check?”
  9. Dem ansa dem, “Oya make una come make we go attack dem! We don see sey di land good well-well. Abi una wan waste time? Make una no do sme-sme to go take-over di land.
  10. Wen una reach there, una go see pipo wey no get wahala. Di land wey Baba-God don put for una hand big well-well, and di land get everitin yanfu-yanfu wey dey for dis earth.”
  11. Naso six hundred men from Dan wey carry weapon to fight, con komot from Zorah plus Eshtaol.
  12. Dem go up, con set dia camp near Kiriathjearim for Judah. Nahin make dem dey call di place Mahanehdan, till today. Di place dey for back of Kiriathjearim.
  13. From there, dem komot go di mountain of Ephraim, con reach Micah house.
  14. Naso di five men wey go spy di land of Laish con tell dia brodas sey, “Una know sey priest-cloth, house-idols, image wey dem carve and idol wey dem mold—dey inside one of dis houses? Now make una reason wetin una go do.”
  15. So dem turn go there, con go di house of di young Levite for Micah place. Dem greet am.
  16. Di six hundred men of Dan wey carry weapon to fight, stand for front of di gate.
  17. Di five men wey bin go spy di land enta inside, con carry di image wey dem carve, di priest-cloth, di house-idols, and di idol wey dem cast. Di priest dey stand for di gate wit di 600 sojas wey carry weapons.
  18. Dem enta inside Micah house, and dem carry di idols, di priest-cloth, di small gods, and di image wey dem cast. Naso di priest tell dem sey, “Wetin una dey do so?”
  19. Dem con ansa am, “No tok anytin! Use your hand take cover your mouth. Follow us, come be awa papa and priest. E no beta pass sey you dey serve one tribe and families of Israel as priest, instead of just one man house?
  20. Naso body con sweet di priest to follow dem. He take di priest-cloth, di house-idols, plus di image, con join di pipo.
  21. Dem turn, con start to dey go. Dem put dia properties, dia pikin, and dia malu for front.
  22. Wen dem komot go far from Micah house, di men wey dey live near Micah gada demsef togeda, con pursue di pipo of Dan.
  23. As dem shout follow dem, di pipo of Dan turn, con tell Micah sey, “Wetin dey worry you wey you come here wit plenty pipo?”
  24. He ansa dem, “Una carry di gods wey I make, plus my priest, con komot. Wetin remain wey I get? And how una go dey ask me sey, “Wetin dey worry you?’ ”
  25. Di pipo of Dan ansa am sey, “No argue wit us, or some men wey dey para well-well go attack you, and you and your family go lose una lives.”
  26. So di pipo of Dan go dia way. As Micah see sey di pipo of Dan too strong for am, he turn round con go hin house.
  27. Naso dem carry di tins wey Micah make, plus di priest, and dem go Laish go fight di pipo wey dey live in peace and wey no get wahala. Di pipo of Dan attack dem wit sword, con burn dia city reach ground.
  28. No pesin dey to save dem, becos dem dey live far-far from Sidon and dem no dey do business wit outside pipo. Di city dey for bottom-of-di-mountain near Bethrehob. So di pipo of Dan build di city again, con settle down for there.
  29. Dem name di city afta dia ancestor Dan wey dem born for Israel—even though dem bin dey call di city Laish before-before.
  30. Na for there di pipo of Dan set up di idol for demsef, and Jonathan wey be di son of Gershom, di son of Manasseh—him and hin sons con be priests for di tribe of Dan until di time wey oda pipo take over di land, con carry dem komot.
  31. Dem kontinu to use di idol wey Micah bin make tru-out di time wey Baba-God house dey for Shiloh.


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