Judges Chapter 19

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          Di Levite and Hin Side-chick

  1. Those days, Israel no get king. Now e get one Levite wey dey stay far-far for di mountain of Ehpraim. He con carry one side-chick from Bethlehem, Judah.
  2. But she con dey meet oda men. She leave am con go back to her papa house for Bethlehem Judah. Afta she don stay for there for four months,
  3. her husband go meet her to beg her sey make she come back. He go wit one servant and two donkeys. She carry am enta her papa house, and wen her papa see di man, he welcome am wit happiness.
  4. Hin fada-in-law, di girl papa, con make am stay; so he stay wit am for three days. Naso dem con dey chop and sleep for there.
  5. E con happun sey on di fourth day, dem wake up for early mor-mor, and he stand up to arrange hinsef to komot, but di girl papa tell hin son-in-law sey, “Calm yoursef down wit sometin to chop, den you go fit komot.”
  6. So di two of dem sidon con chop and drink togeda. Lata-lata, di girl papa con tok sey, “Abeg I wan make you dey alright, stay dis night and make your heart jolly.”
  7. And wen di man stand up to komot, hin fada-in-law con dey beg am, so he stay there dat night again.
  8. So for morning on di fifth day, wen he stand up to komot, di girl papa con tok sey, “Abeg make your heart chill.” Dem con wait till afta-noon! So di two of dem chop togeda.
  9. Den wen di man wit hin side-chick and hin servant stand up to komot, hin fada-in-law, di girl papa, con tok sey, “Now see, evening don almost reach. Abeg stay for here dis night; di day don almost finish. Stay make your heart jolly. You fit stand up for early mor-mor tomorrow to go your house.”
  10. But di man no gree stay dat night, so he komot. He con move go Jebus [dat na Jerusalem], wit hin side-chick plus hin two donkeys wey he load.
  11. Wen dem reach near Jebus and di day don almost dark, di servant tell hin oga sey, “Come make we stop for di city of di Jebusites, con sleep for there.”
  12. Hin oga con ansa am sey, “Lai-lai, we no go enta foreign city—wey dia pipo no be Israel. We go go Gilbeah.”
  13. He con still tok sey, “Come make we try to reach Gibeah or Ramah, con sleep for one of those place.”
  14. So dem kontinu to move, and di sun con dey go down as dem dey reach Gibeah for Benjamin.
  15. Na for there dem stop to spend di night. Dem con sidon for di street of di city, becos no pesin carry dem enta house for night.
  16. Dat evening, one old man from di mountain of Ephraim, wey dey live for Gibeah, dey come back from hin work for farm. [Di men of dat area na pipo of Benjamin].
  17. Wen he look con see travelers for di street of di city, di old man con ask dem, “Where una dey go, and where una dey come from?”
  18. He ansa, “We dey come from Bethlehem for inside Judah, con dey go mountain Ephraim. Na there I come from. I bin dey for Bethlehem for Judah, and now I dey go Baba-God house. No pesin gree carry me enta hin house,
  19. even though we get everitin wey we need. We get grass and food for awa donkeys, plus bread and wine for mysef, my girl and di young man wey dey wit me.”
  20. Di old man con tok sey, “I go welcome una for my house, I go give una anytin wey una need, but make una no just sleep for street.”
  21. So di old man carry dem go hin house, con feed hin donkeys. Afta dem don wash dia legs, dem chop and drink.

Di Bad-bad-tin Wey Di Pipo Of Gibeah Do

22. As dem dey enjoy demsef, some of di wicked men of di city surround di house. Dem con dey nack di door well-well, dey shout for di old man wey get di house, “Bring out di man wey come your house, so dat we go sleep wit am.”

23. Di owner of di house go outside, con tell dem sey, “No my broda, lai-lai, make una no do dis kain wicked tin. Make una no do dis mumu tin since dis man come visit me.

24. See, dis na my virgin daughter, and hin side-chick. I go carry dem come outside now, and una fit use dem, con do dem anytin wey una like. But make una no do any mumu tin to dis man.”

25. But di men no gree listen to am. So di man send hin side-chick go outside go meet dem, and dem rape her, con do her anyhow tru-out di night, and dem free her for morning.

26. Wen morning reach, di woman go back to di house. She fall down for di doormot of di house where her oga dey, until sun come out.

27. Wen her oga wake up for morning, he open di door of di house, he come outside to go hin way, but na for there he see hin side-chick wey don fall for di doormot of di house wit her hand for door.

28. Naso he tell her sey, “Get up, make we dey go.” But she no ansa am. Naso di man carry her put for di donkey, con dey go hin place.

29. Wen he reach house, he carry knife, con cut hin side-chick body togeda wit her bones—to twelve parts, and he send dem go meet everi of di single tribe of Israel.

30. Everi pesin wey see am con tok sey, “We neva see dis kain tin before, or see pesin wey do dis kain tin before—since di day wen di pipo of Israel komot from Egypt. Tink about am! Reason am! Con tell us una mind!”


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