Judges Chapter 20

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Di Pipo of Israel Fight Di Pipo of Benjamin

  1. Naso all di pipo of Israel from Dan to Beersheba, wit di land of Gilead, come out wit one mind, con gada for Baba-God front for Mizpah.
  2. Di leaders of all di pipo, plus all di tribes of Israel show-face for where Baba-God pipo gada, four hundred thousand sojas on ground wey carry swords.
  3. [Di pipo of Bejamin con hear sey di pipo of Israel don go Mizpah.] Naso di pipo of Israel tok sey, “Tell us how dis bad tin take happun.”
  4. So di Levite, di husband of di woman wey dem kill, con tok sey, “Me and my side-chick come  Gibeah for Benjamin to spend di night.
  5. For night naso di men of Gibeah attack me, dem surround di house and dem wan kill me. Dem rape my side-chick and she die.
  6. So I cut her to pieces, con send one piece to everi area of tribes of Israel, becos dis pipo don do evil and bad-bad tin for Israel.
  7. Now make all di pipo of Israel tok, con judge dis mata for here.”
  8. All di pipo raise up wit one mind, con tok sey, “None of us go go house. No single one of us go go back to hin house.
  9. But now, dis na wetin we go do to Gibeah. We go cast lot*, con fight againt dem.
  10. We go take ten men out of everi hundred men from all di tribes of Israel, and one hundred men from one thousand, and one thousand men from ten thousand men, to get food for di army. Wen di army reach Gibeah for Benjamin, dem fit give dem wetin dem deserve becos of all dis evil wey dem do to Israel.”
  11. So all di men of Israel gada togeda, con unite as one pipo to fight di city.
  12. Di tribes of Israel send men tru-out di tribe of Benjamin con tell dey sey, “Which kain wicked tin una dey do among unasef?
  13. Now make una give us those wicked men of Gibeah so dat we go kill dem, con komot di evil from Israel.” But di pipo of Benjamin no gree listen to dia fellow Israel pipo.
  14. From dia cities, di pipo of Benjamin gada togeda for Gibeah to fight against di pipo of Israel.
  15. Di pipo of Benjamin gada twenty-six thousand men from dia cities wit sword, plus seven hundred men wey dem choose from those wey dey live fo Gibeah.
  16. Among all dis sojas, seven hundred men dey wey dem choose—wey dey use left hand. Everi single one of dem fit shoot stone go meet one single hair—and dem no go miss.
  17. Apart from Benjamin, Israel gada four hundred thousand men wey dey fight wit sword, and all of dem sabi fight war.
  18. Di pipo of Israel con go Bethel to ask Baba-God. Dem tok sey, “Who among us go first attack di pipo of Benjamin?” Naso Baba-God ansa dem, “Na Judah go first go.”
  19. Di next morning, di pipo of Israel stand up, con set dia camp against Gibeah.
  20. So di men of Israel go fight di pipo of Benjamin, con take dia fighting positions against dem for Gibeah.
  21. Dat day, naso di pipo of Benjamin come out from Gibeah, con kill twenty two thousand pipo of Israel for ground.
  22. But di men of Israel ginger demsef, con take dia fighting position again, for where dem bin set di first day.
  23. Di pipo of Israel con go up to cry to Baba-God until evening, and dem pray to Baba-God. Dem tok sey, “Make we go up again to fight against di pipo of Benjamin, awa brodas?” Baba-God con ansa dem sey, “Make una go up to fight dem.”
  24. Naso di pipo of Israel move near Benjamin di second day.
  25. Dis time wen di pipo of Benjamin come out from Gibeah to fight dem, dem kill anoda eighteen-thousand men of Israel—all of dem sabi fight wit sword.
  26. Naso di pipo of Israel, plus all di pipo con go Bethel, and dem sidon for there dey cry for Baba-God front. Dem fast dat day until evening, con give burnt offerings plus peace offerings to Baba-God.
  27. And di pipo of Israel ask Baba-God. [Those days di Ark of di agreement of Baba-God dey for there,
  28. wit Phinehas di priest wey be di son of Eleazar, di son of Aaron. And he dey serve for front of di altar]. Di pipo of Israel con ask Baba-God sey, “Make we fight awa brodas from Benjamin again, abi make we stop?” Naso Baba-God tok sey, “Go fight dem, becos I go make una win dem tomorrow.”
  29. Naso Israel set men round Gibeah to attack dem wit surprise-attack.
  30. Dem go up to fight di pipo of Benjamin on di third day, con set for dia position to fight Gibeah as dem bin do before.
  31. Di pipo of Benjamin komot from dia city to attack dem. And as dem do before, dem start to dey kill di pipo of Israel like di oda days. About thirty Israelite die for di open field, and for di main-roads, di one wey dey lead to Bethel and di oda one wey dey go back go Gibeah.
  32. Di pipo of Benjamin con tok sey, “We don kill dem for ground like before.” Di pipo of Israel con tok sey, “Make we move back so dat dem go pursue us from di city go di main-roads and dem go leave dia city.”
  33. Naso all di men of Israel move from dia place, con take position for Baal Tamar. So di pipo of Israel wey dey hide for di smooth-land of Gibeah, con jump out to attack dem wit surprise.
  34. About 10,000 best Israelite sojas nahin march to attack Gibeah. Dem fight well-well sote Benjamin no see di kasala wey dey come.
  35. Baba-God epp di pipo of Israel beat Benjamin, and on dat day, di pipo of Israel kill 25,100 pipo of Benjamin—all of dem wey sabi fight wit sword.
  36. Di pipo of Benjamin con see sey Israel don kill dem, becos di men of Israel army bin go back for di pipo of Benjamin, becos dem dey depend on di men wey dey hide for Gibeah.
  37. Di men wey bin dey hide and wait con rush enta Gibeah from everi corner, con kill everi pesin for di city wit sword.
  38. Di men wey dey hide and wait, bin plan wit di oda pipo of Israel, to give dem sign by making big smoke from di city.
  39. Wen di pipo of Israel turn back from di fight, Benjamin start to dey nack and kill di men of Israel—about 30 of Israel sojas, and dem con dey shout, “We dey kill dem as we bin kill dem before!”
  40. But wen Benjamin sojas look back, con see di smoke wey dey rise go sky from everi part of dia city,
  41. Naso di men of Israel turn again, and di men of Benjamin con shock, becos dem see sey gbege don come meet dem.
  42. So dem run from di pipo of Israel go desert. But dem no fit esacpe di fight. Dem con dey run anyhow, and di men of Israel wey dey come out of di cities con kill dem for there.
  43. Di pipo of Israel surround di pipo of Benjamin, dem pursue dem, con over-pawa dem easily for di east side of Gibeah.
  44. Eighteen thousand men of Benjamin fall, all dia fighters wey get pawa well-well.
  45. Di pipo wey survive con dey run go desert side—go Rock of Rimmon, di pipo of Israel cut down five thousand men for road. Dem kontinu to dey pursue di pipo of Benjamin far go reach Gidom, and dem kill two thousand more pipo.
  46. On dat day, dem kill twenty-five thousand men of Benjamin wey sabi fight wit sword—and all of dem na strong fighters.
  47. But six-hundred men turn, con run go desert, go di rock of Rimmon. Na for there dem stay for four months.
  48. Di men of Israel go back to Benjamin, con use sword take kill everi man wey dey for di cities, even di animals, plus everi oda tin wey dem see for there, and dem burn all di cities wey dem see.


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