Judges Chapter 21

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     Wives For Di Tribe of Benjamin

  1. Di men of Israel bin take oath for Mizpah sey: “No single one of us go give awa daughters to marry from Benjamin.”
  2. Di pipo go Bethel, where dem sidon for Baba-God front—from morning to evening, dey raise dia voice dey cry well-well,
  3. “Oh Baba-God, di God of Israel, why dis kain tin happun to Israel? Why one tribe go dey miss today?”
  4. Early di next day, di pipo stand up for early mor-mor, con build altar, and dem give burnt offerings plus peace offerings.
  5. Naso di pipo of Israel ask, “Who among di tribes of Israel no come gada for front of Baba-God for Mizpah?” Becos dem bin take serious oath sey dem go kill any pesin wey no go Baba-God front for Mizpah.
  6. So di pipo of Israel con dey feel sad for dia brodas—di pipo of Benjamin. Dem tok sey, “One tribe don cut komot from Israel today.
  7. How we go take give wives to di pipo wey remain, since we don take oath wit Baba-God sey we no go give dem any of awa daughters to marry?”
  8. Naso dem ask, “Which one of di tribes of Israel no gree come gada for Baba-God front for Mizpah?” Dem notice sey no pesin from Jabesh Gilead come gada for di camp of Israel.
  9. Dem count di pipo, con see sey no pesin from Jabesh Gilead dey for there.
  10. So di pipo of Israel wey gada, send twelve thousand fighters go Jabesh Gilead, con tell dem wetin dem go do, “Make una go use sword take kill di pipo wey dey live for there, even women plus small-small pikin.”
  11. Dem tok sey, “Dis na wetin una go do. Kill everi man and woman wey no be virgin.”
  12. So dem see four hundred young virgins wey neva sleep wit man before—for Jabesh Gilead, and dem carry dem go di camp for Shiloh wey dey inside Canaan.
  13. Naso di whole pipo wey gada con send message of peace to di pipo of Benjamin for di Rock of Rimmon.
  14. So di pipo of Benjamin come back dat time, and dem give dem di women of Jabesh Gilead wey dem no kill. But di women no reach dem.
  15. Di pipo con dey feel sad for Benjamin becos Baba-God don make hole dey for di tribes of Israel.
  16. Di senior-men of di pipo con tok sey, “Wit di women of Benjamin wey don die, how we go take get wives for di men wey remain?”
  17. Dem con still tok se, “Di pipo wey survive among Benjamin must get pikin to claim dia properties, so dat one tribe of Israel no go wipe out.
  18. But we no fit give dem awa daughters as wives, since we di pipo of Israel don take dis oath: ‘Make curse dey on di head of any pesin wey give wife to di men of Benjamin.’ ”
  19. Dem con tok sey, “See, e get one festival of Baba-God everi year for Shiloh, for di north side of Bethel, and east side of di road wey dey komot from Bethel go Shechem, and di south side of Lebonah.”
  20. So dem tell di men of Benjamin sey, “Make una go hide for di grape-farms,
  21. con dey watch. Wen di girls of Shiloh come out to join di dance, make una rush come out from di grape-farms, and make everi single one of una carry one wife from di girls of Shiloh, and make una go di land of Benjamin.
  22. Wen dia papa and brodas complain to us, we go tell dem sey, “Show dem good-heart becos of us, becos we no keep wives for dem wen we dey fight war, and una dey innocent since no be una give dem una daughters [una no dey guilty of breaking di oath].’”
  23. So na wetin di pipo of Benjamin do. As di babes dey dance, everi man catch one babe, con carry di girls komot to be dia wife. Naso dem go back to dia land, and dem build di cities again, con settle down for there.
  24. Naso di pipo of Israel komot from dat place dat time, all of dem con go dia own house—to meet dia tribe and family-pipo, everi pesin to hin own land.
  25. Israel no get king those days and everi pesin dey do wetin he feel sey dey right for hin own eyes.


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