Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Ruth Chapter 1

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              Naomi and Ruth

  1. In those days wen na judges dey rule, hunger con dey for di land, and one man from Bethlehem for Judah, togeda wit hin wife and two sons, go Moab kontri go stay small.
  2. Di man name na Elimelech, hin wife name na Naomi, and di names of hin sons na Mahlon and Kilion. Dem be Ephtrathites from Bethlehem, Judah. So dem go Moab to stay for there.
  3. Naso Elimelech wey be Naomi husband con kpeme, and na only two of her sons con remain.
  4. Dem marry women from Moab, one name na Orpah, and di oda one na Ruth, afta dem don stay for there for about ten years,
  5. Both Mahlon and Kilion sef die, and na only Naomi con remain wit-out her two sons and her husband.

Ruth Follow Naomi

6. Wen she hear for inside Moab sey Baba-God don come epp hin pipo by giving dem food, Naomi and her daughter-in-law con dey arrange to go back to dia house from there.

7. She komot from di place where she bin dey stay wit her two daughters-in-law, con enta di road wey dem go follow back to di land of Judah.

8. Naso Naomi tell her two daughters-in-law sey, “Make di two of una dey go back to una mama house. Make Baba-God show una soft-heart, as una don show kindness to una husbands wey kpeme and to me.

9. Make Baba-God allow una see rest for di house of una new husband.” Naso she kiss dem, and dem cry wit dia loud voice,

10. con tok sey, “We go follow you go back to your pipo.”

11. But Naomi tok sey, “Make una go back to una pipo my daughters. Why una wan follow me? Abi I fit get any more sons inside my belle wey una fit marry as husband?

12. My daughters, make una go back to una pipo; I too old to marry anoda husband. Even if I tink sey hope still dey for me, even if I marry husband dis night,

13. Abi una go wait till dem big? Una go dey single to wait for dem? Lai-lai, my daughters. E dey pain me for una well-well, becos Baba-God hand don dey against me!”

14. Becos of dat, dem con dey cry again. So Orpah kiss her moda-in-law bye-bye, but Ruth dey wit her.

15. Naomi con tok sey, “See, your sista-in-law dey go back to meet her pipo and her gods. Follow her go back.”

16. But Ruth ansa her sey, “No ginger me to leave you, or turn komot from you. I go follow you go any where you dey go, con follow you stay any where you dey stay. Your pipo go be my pipo and your God go be my God.

17. Na where you die I go take die, and na for there dem go bury me put, make Baba-God punish me well-well, con even kill me, if anytin apart from death nahin separate us.

18. Wen Naomi see sey Ruth don zero her mind to follow her, she stop to dey ginger her to go back.

19. Naso di two women con dey waka dey go until dey reach Bethlehem. Wen dem reach Bethlehem, di whole town con dey ginger becos of dem, and di women con dey ask sey, “Na Naomi be dis?”

20. She con tell dem sey, “Make una no call me Naomi, call me, ‘Mara,’ becos di Almighty don make my life bitter well-well. komot full, but Baba-God don bring me back empty. Why una dey call me Naomi? Baba-God don show me pepper; Baba-God don carry suffer-head meet me.”

21. So Naomi come back from Moab wit Ruth wey follow her—her daughter-in-law. Dem reach Bethlehem as di harvest of barley just start.


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