Ruth Chapter 2

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Ruth Meet Boaz

  1. Naomi get family-pipo from her husband side, from di family of Elimelech, one bigman wey get moni, and hin name na Boaz.
  2. So Ruth di Moabite con tell Naomi sey, “Make I go farm wey dem dey harvest, to pick some corn from any place wey dem fit show me favour, con allow me gada am. So Naomi ansa her, “Okay my daughter, carry-go.”
  3. So Ruth komot go gada fruits, con dey waka for back of di pipo wey dey harvest, con dey pick wetin dem remain, e con happun sey she dey for di farm wey belong to Boaz.
  4. Na dat time Boaz come from Bethlehem, con greet di pipo wey dey harvest, “Make Baba-God dey wit una!” Dem con ansa am, “Make Baba-God bless you!”
  5. Naso Boaz ask di man wey dey in charge of di workers, sey, “Who be dat young woman?”
  6. So di man ansa am, “Na di foreigner wey follow Naomi come back from Moab.
  7. She beg me sey make I allow her follow di workers for back—to pick fruits. She don dey work since early mor-mor, and she just stop to rest small under shade.”
  8. So Baoz con tell Ruth sey, “My daughter, listen to my advice. Make you no gada fruit for any where apart from dis farm. Work wit di women wey dey for here.
  9. Watch dem to see where dem dey harvest, con stay wit dem. I don tell my men make dem no do you anyhow. And any time wey water dey hungry you, go drink from di container wey di young men don fetch.
  10. Ruth bow down wit her face for ground, con tell Boaz sey, “Why you dey care about me well-well like dis? Why you go care about foreigner like dis?
  11. Boaz con ansa, “Dem don gist me about everitin wey you don do for you moda-in-law, since your husband kpeme—how you take leave your papa and your mama plus your home-land, con stay wit pipo wey you no sabi before.
  12. Make Baba-God pay you back for wetin you don do, make Baba-God, di God of Israel bless you well-well as you don come hide under hin feathers.”
  13. She con tok sey, “Make I kontinu to dey see favour for your eyes my oga, you don cool me down and you don follow me your servant tok wit good-heart—even if I no be like one of your servant girls.”
  14. Wen time for evening food reach, Boaz con tell her sey, “Come here. Take some bread and make you dip am inside di drink.” So she sidon wit di pipo wey dey harvest, he give her some corn wey dem roast. She chop belleful, con even chop-remain.
  15. As she stand up to work again, Boaz con tell hin young men sey, ‘Make she gada fruits among di bundles, and make no pesin disturb her.
  16. And cut from di bundles of barley, con leave am for her to pick, and no change-am-for her.”
  17. So Ruth gada barley for di field until evening reach. Naso she komot di seed from di barley wey she don gada, and e full one basket.
  18. She carry am back go town, and her moda-in-law see di plenty tins wey she don gada. Ruth still bring out, con give her wetin she chop remain afta she chop belleful.
  19. Her moda-in-law con ask her sey, “Where you take pick all dis fruits today. Where you go work? Make Baba-God bless di pesin wey epp you!” Ruth con tell her moda-in-law about di pesin place wey she work . She tok sey, “Di name of di man wey I work wit today na Boaz,”
  20. Naomi con tell her daughter-in-law sey, “Make Baba-God bless am! He dey show kind-heart to us and even your husband wey don die, Dat man na one of awa close family-pipo, na family wey close well-well.
  21. Naso Ruth di Moabite tok sey, “He even tell me sey, ‘Stay wit my workers, until dem finish di harvest.’ ”
  22. So Naomi tell Ruth her daughter-in-law sey , “E good for you my daughter to dey wit hin girls, becos pipo fit do you bad tin for anoda pesin farm.”
  23. Ruth con stay near Boaz servant girls, she gada di fruits wey remain—until di end of di harvest of barley plus wheat. And she kontinu to live wit her moda-in-law.


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