Ruth Chapter 3

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Ruth For Di Harvest Ground

  1. One day, Naomi her moda-in-law, con tell her sey, “My daughter, make I fyne house for you, where dem go take care of you.
  2. Abi Boaz wey you dey stay wit hin girls no be awa family-pesin? Now listen, he dey komot di seeds from hin barley dis night for hin harvest ground.
  3. Wash yoursef and make you use perfume for your body, con wear your best cloth. Den make you go where he dey harvest, no let am know sey you dey for there, until he don chop and drink finish.
  4. Wen he lie down, look di place where he dey lie down put. Den make you go komot di cloth from hin leg, con lie down near am. He go tell you wetin you go do.”
  5. Ruth con ansa her, “I go do anytin wey you yarn me.”
  6. So Ruth go di place where Boaz dey harvest in barley, con do exactly wetin hin moda-in-law tell her to do.
  7. Wen Boaz don chop and drink finish, and hin spirit con dey feel good, he con go  near di barley wey dem gada, con lie down to sleep for there. Ruth go meet am codedly, she carry di cloth, con lie down near hin leg.
  8. Around mid-night, he just wake up, con turn, naso he shock wen he notice sey woman lie down near hin leg.
  9. So he ask, “Who be you?” Ruth con tok sey, “I be your servant girl Ruth, use your cloth take cover me becos you be my close family.
  10. So he ansa, “Make Baba-God bless you my daughter, dis kindness great pass di one wey you show before: you neva run follow small boys, whether na ajebuta or ajekpako,
  11. And now my daughter, no let fear catch you, I go do anytin wey you ask me to do. All di pipo of my city know sey you be woman wey get beta character.
  12. And na true sey I be your close family-pesin, but e get anoda pesin wey be close family-pesin pass me.
  13. Stay here for di night, and for morning, if he wan dey in charge to dey take care of you, good, make he dey take care of you. But if he no ready to do am, I go take care of you—as surely as Baba-God dey live. Sleep for here until morning.”
  14. So she lie down near hin leg until morning, but she stand up before any pesin notice her; and he tok sey, “No let any pesin know sey woman come dis harvest place.”
  15. He still tell her sey, “Bring di cloth wey you take cover your head, con hold am. And wen she hold am, he pour almost 22.6 kg of barley, con epp her for her shoulder, naso she go back to di city.
  16. Wen Ruth go meet her moda-in-law, Naomi con ask her, “Na you be dat my daughter?” Naso Ruth gist her everitin wey Boaz do for her.
  17. And she still tok sey, “He give me dis 22.6kg of barley; he con tell me sey, ‘No go back to your moda-in-law wit empty hand.’”
  18. Den Naomi tok sey, “Wait my daughter, until you know wetin go happun. Becos di man no go rest until di mata settle today.”


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