Ruth Chapter 4

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Boaz Marry Ruth

  1. So, Boaz go di gate of di town, con sidon for there, and di family member wey Boaz bin tok about con dey pass there; so Boaz tell am sey, “Come here my padi, sidon.” So di man go meet am con sidon.
  2. Boaz carry ten of di senior-men of di town, con tok sey, “Sidon for here.” And dem sidon.
  3. He con tell dat hin family-pesin sey, “Naomi wey don come back from di Moab kontri, dey sell di land wey belong to awa broda Elimelech.
  4. I reason sey make I tell you sey, ‘Buy am back for-front of di kontri pipo and for-front of di senior-men of di pipo. If you go buy am—make you buy am, but make I buy am if you no wan buy am—so dat I go know; becos no oda pesin dey to buy am back except you, and I dey next afta you.’ ” And he ansa, “I go buy am back.”
  5. Naso Boaz con tok sey, “On di day wen you buy di land from Naomi, you dey buy Ruth sef, wey be di Moabite, you don collect di dead man widow, so dat you go maintain di name of di dead wit hin property.”
  6. Now di family member con tok sey, “I no go fit buy di land back becos I fit spoil my own estate. You fit buy am back for yourself. I no fit do am.”
  7. Before-before, to confam property wey dem buy back or exchange, na di tradition for di man to komot hin sandal, con carry am give di oda man. Naso di pipo of Israel take dey confam agreement for front of everi pesin.
  8. So wen di man tell Boaz sey, “You fit buy am,” he con carry hin sandal give Boaz.
  9. Naso Boaz con tell di senior-men plus all di pipo, “Today una be witness sey I don buy all Elimelech, Kilion, plus Mahlon properties from Naomi.
  10. Evensef, I don buy Ruth di Moabite wey be Mahlon widow—as my wife, to maintain di dead man name and hin properties, so dat hin name no go disappear from among hin family or from di town history. Today una be witness!”
  11. Naso di senior-men plus all di pipo wey dey for di gate, con tok sey, “We be witnesses, make Baba-God make di woman wey dey enta your house be like Rachel and Leah—wey build di house of Israel; make you turn to big-man for Ephrathah, con get big-name for Bethlehem.
  12. “Make di pikin wey Baba-God go give you from dis young woman make your family be like di family of Perez—di son of Judah and Tamar.”

Di Family Of Boaz

13. So Boaz take Ruth and she turn to hin wife. Naso he enta her, Baba-God con make her get belle, and she born boy.

14. Di women con tell Naomi sey: “Praise Baba-God today wey he don give you pikin wey go take care of you. Make pipo sabi hin name well-well for di whole of Israel.

15. Nahin go give you life again, con make your old age fresh, becos your daughter-in-law wey love you—wey beta pass seven sons to you, don born am.

16. Naso Naomi carry di small pikin, she put am for her lap, con take care of am.

17. Den di women wey dey stay for there con tok sey, “Dem don born baby-boy for Naomi.” And dem name am Obed. Nahin be di papa of Jesse, di papa of David.

18. Na dis be di family generation of Perez. Perez nahin be di papa of Hezron,

19. Hezron na di papa of Ram, Ram na di papa of Amminadab,

20. Amminadab nahin be di papa of Nahshon,

21. Nahshon na di papa of Salmon,

22. Salmon na di papa of Boaz, Boaz nahin be di papa of Obed,

23. And Obed na di papa of Jesse, and Jesse na di papa of David.


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