1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 1

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    David Go Soon Die

  1. Wen king David don old, and hin years don plenty, hin body no fit dey warm even wen dem cover am wit cloth.
  2. So hin servants tell am sey, “Make we fyne one young virgin wey go take care of di king. She fit lie down for hin side so dat awa oga body go fit dey warm.”
  3. Naso dem go fyne one fine girl inside di whole of Israel, and dem see Abishag—wey be Shunammite, naso dem carry her come meet di king.
  4. Di girl fine well-well, she take care of di king and she serve am, but di king no climb her.
  5. Now, Adonijah wey hin mama na Haggith, con put hinsef for front, so he tok sey, “Na me go be king.” So he arrange horse-moto plus horse, wit fifty men wey go dey for hin front.
  6. Hin papa no shuuk-mouth for hin mata by asking am sey, “Why you dey behave like dis?” Di boy fine well-well sef, and dem born am afta Absalaom.
  7. Adonijah meet Joab wey be di son of Zeruiah, and wit Abiathar wey be priest, and dem support am.
  8. But Zadock di priest, plus Benaiah wey be son of Jehodiada, Nathan di prophet, Shimei, plus Rei and David strong men no gree join Adonijah.
  9. Naso Adonijah sacrifice sheep, malu, and ororbor malu for di stone of Zoheleth near En Rogel. He invite all hin brodas, di king sons, plus all di men of Judah wey dey work wit di king,
  10. But he no gree invite Nathan di prophet or Benaiah, or di strong men, or hin broda Solomon.
  11. Naso Nathan ask Bathsheba wey be Solomon mama, “You neva hear sey Adonijah, di son of Haggith don turn to king and awa oga David no know about am?
  12. Now make I advice you how you go take save your own life and di life of Solomon your son.
  13. Go meet king David make you tell am sey, ‘My oga di king, abi you no swear to me your servant sey: “Surely Solomon your son go be king afta me, and he go sidon for my king-chair”? So why e be sey Adonijah don turn to king?’
  14. As you still dey for there dey yarn wit di king, I go come inside con confam wetin you tok.”
  15. So Bethsheba go see di old king for inside hin room where Abishag di Shunammite dey take care of am.
  16. Bathsheba bow down low, con kneel down for di king front. Naso di king ask her sey, “Wetin you want?”
  17. So she tell am sey, “My oga, you yoursef swear to me wit Baba-God wey be your Oga, sey: ‘Solomon your son go be king afta me, and he go sidon for my king-chair.’
  18. But now, Adonijah don turn to king, and you, my oga di king, no know anytin about am.
  19. He don sacrifice plenty-plenty malu, ororbor malu, plus sheep, and he don invite all di king sons, Abiathar wey be di priest, plus Joab wey be di commander of di army. But he no gree invite Solomon your pikin.
  20. My oga di king, all Israel eyes dey look you, make you tok who go sidon for di king-chair of my oga di king—afta am.
  21. Or else, as my oga di king just rest wit hin ancestors, dem go handle me and Solomon like criminals.”
  22. As she still dey follow di king tok, Nathan di prophet just show-face.
  23. Naso dem tell di king sey, “Nathan di prophet dey around.” So he enta go meet di king, con bow hin face for down.
  24. So Nathan tok sey, “My oga di king, abi you don tok sey na Adonijah go be king of Israel afta you, and sey he go sidon for your king-chair?
  25. He don go sacrifice plenty-plenty malu today, ororbor malu, plus sheep. He don inivite all di king sons, Abiathar di priest, plus di army commander. Right now dem dey chop and drink wit am, con dey shout, “Make king Adonijah live long!’
  26. But he no gree invite me your servant, plus Zadok di priest, and Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada, plus your boy Solomon.
  27. Abi dis na sometin wey my oga di king don do—wit-out letting hin servant know who suppose sidon for di king-chair afta my oga di king?”

David Make Solomon Di King

28. Naso David tok sey, “Call Bathsheba come.” So she come meet di king, con stand for hin front.

29. So di king swear: “As surely as Baba-God dey live, wey don save me from everi wahala,

30. just as I bin swear to you wit Baba-God—di God of Israel, sey: ‘Solomon your pikin nahin go be king afta me, and he go sidon for my king-chair, for my place,’ na wetin I go surely do today”

31. So Bathsheba bow down wit her face for ground, and as she kneel down for di king front, she con tok sey, “Make my oga, king David live forever!”

32. Naso king David tok sey, “Call Zadok di priest come, Nathan di prophet, plus Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada.” Wen dem come meet di king,

33. he tell dem sey, “Carry your oga servant follow body, make Solomon ride my own donkey, con escort am go Gishon.

34. Make Zadok di priest, plus Nathan di prophet anoint am for there as king of Israel. Blow di trumpet and make una shout, ‘Make king Solomon live long!’

35. Den make una follow am, and he go come sidon for my king-chair, con take my place as king. I don choose am as ruler of Israel plus Judah.”

36. Benaiah wey be son of Jehoiada con ansa di king, “Iseee! Make Baba-God, di God of my oga di king, confam am sef.

37. As Baba-God bin dey wit my oga di king, make he dey wit Solomon sef, to make hin king-chair even great pass king David my oga king-chair!”

38. So Zadok di priest, Nathan wey be di prophet, Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada, di Kerethites plus di Pelethites follow go, con put Solomon on king David donkey, and dem carry am go Gishon.

39. Zadok di priest carry di horn of ororo from di holy place, con anoint Solomon. Naso dem blow di trumpet and all di pipo shout, “Make king Solomon live long!”

40. So all di pipo follow am, dem dey play flute and dem dey celebrate well-well, sote di ground con dey shake wit dem.

41. Adonijah plus all di pipo wey he invite con hear di sound as dem dey finish dia party. As dem hear di sound of di trumpet, Joab con ask sey, “Wetin be di meaning of all di noise for inside di city?”

42. Even as he dey yarn, Jonathan wey be son of Abiathar di priest just show. So Adonijah tok sey, “Come inside. Strong man like you must dey bring beta news.”

43. ansa am sey, “No be so! Awa oga king David don make Solomon di king.

44. Di king don send Zadok di priest follow am, Nathan di prophet, Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada, di Kerethites, plus di Pelethites, and dem make am ride di king donkey.

45. And Zadok di priest, plus Nathna wey be di prophet—don anoint am as king for Gihon. Dem don komot from there, con dey celebrate, and di city dey shake wit dia celebration. Na di noise you dey hear so.

46. Evensef, Solomon don sidon for di king-chair of di kingdom,

47. And di king servants don come congratulate awa oga king David sey, ‘Make Baba-God make Solomon name get level pass your name, and make hin king-chair great pass your own!’ And di king bow down dey worship for hin bed.

48. And he tok sey, ‘Praise be to Baba-God, di God of Israel, wey don allow my eyes see who go take my place for my king-chair today.’ ”

49. As dem hear am, all di pipo wey Adonijah invite con dey fear. Dem stand up, con discharge.

50. But Adonijah con dey fear Solomon, he komot, con go hold di horns of di altar.

51. So dem tell Solomon sey, “Adonijah dey fear king Solomon, so he don go hold di horns of di altar, con tok sey, ‘Make king Solomon swear to me today sey he no go kill hin servant wit sword.’ ”

52. Solomon con ansa, “If he confam sey he dey loyal, one single hair from hin head no go fall for ground, but if evil dey for inside hin heart, he go die.”

53. Naso king Solomon send men, and dem go carry am come down from di altar. So Adonijah come, con bow down to king Solomon, and Solomon tok sey, “Dey go your house.”


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