2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 1

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 David Hear As Saul Take Die

  1. Afta Saul kpeme, David come back from killing di Amalakites, and he stay for Ziklag for two days.
  2. On di third day, one man from Saul camp show-face wit hin cloth wey don tear and wit dust for hin head. Wen he come meet David, he fall for ground [dobale] to show am respect.
  3. Naso David ask am sey, “Where you dey come from?” So di man ansa, “I don escape from di camp of di pipo of Israel.”
  4. David con ask am, “Wetin happun, tell me abeg?” So he tok sey, “Di men run from di war. Many of dem fall, con die. And Saul wit hin pikin Jonathan don kpeme.”
  5. So David tell di young man wey carry di news come meet am, “How you take know sey Saul wit hin pikin Jonathan don die?”
  6. Di young man con tok sey, “E happun sey I dey for di Mountain of Gilboa, and I see Saul for there dey lie down on hin long-sharp-weapon, and di horse-moto plus dia riders don almost reach where he dey.
  7. Wen he turn round con see me, he call me, and I ask am sey, “I dey for here?’
  8. “He ask me sey, ‘Who you be?’ So I ansa am, ‘I be from Amalek,’
  9. naso he tell me sey, stand on top of me and make you kill me to stop my pain, becos I wan die.’
  10. “So I stand on top of am, con kill am, becos I know sey he no go fit survive afta he don fall. Naso I carry di crown wey dey for hin head plus di bangle for hin hand, and I carry dem come meet you my oga.”
  11. Naso David wit all hin men wey dey wit am tear dia clothes.
  12. Dem mourn and dem cry, con fast till evening for Saul plus hin pikin Jonathan, and for Baba-God army, plus di house of Israel, becos enemies don kill dem wit sword.
  13. So David tell di young man wey carry di news come meet am, “Where you come from?” He ansa David, “I be di pikin of one foreigner—wey be from Amalek.”
  14. Naso David ask am sey, “Why you no fear to use your hand take kill pesin wey Baba-God anoint?”
  15. So David call one of hin men, con tell am sey, “Go kill dis man!” So he nack di man down and di man con die.
  16. Naso David tok sey, “Make your blood dey for your own head. Na you use your mouth take tok against yoursef wen you tok sey, ‘I kill di pesin wey Baba-God don anoint.’ ”

David Cry For Saul Plus Jonathan

17. Naso David compose burial song for Saul plus Jonathan.

18. And he command sey make di pipo of Judah learn di song. Di name of di song na, ‘Di Song of Bows,’ and dem write am for di Book of Jashar.

19. “Chai Israel, your levels dey lie down for ground for on top mountain. See as strong men take fall!

20. Make una no tok di story for Gath, make una no tok di gist for di streets of Ashkelon, unless di daughters of di Philistines go dey happy, and di daughters of di pipo wey no circumcise go dey celebrate.

21. “Chai, mountians of Gilboa, make dew or rain no fall on you, and make land wey dey produce offerings of seeds no dey on you. Becos na for there dem take spoil di weapons of Saul—di shield of strong man, as if dem no anoint am wit ororo.

22. Di bow and arrow of Jonathan no turn back, Saul sword no come back wit-out killing pipo. Dem shed di blood of dia enemies, and dem shuuk di body of di strong men.

23. Saul plus Jonathan be sweet and nice pipo wen dem dey alive! Dem live togeda con die togeda. Dem bin fast pass eagles, con strong pass lions.

24. “Chai daughters of Israel, make una cry for Saul, wey make una wear fine expensive red clothes, fine designs—wit clothes wey dem design wit gold.

25. “See as strong men take fall for war! Jonathan, na on top mountain dem kill you.

26. I dey feel sad for you Jonathan my broda, I like you well-well. Di love wey you get for me na ogbonge, e pass di love of woman.

27. “See as strong men take fall, and di weapons of war don scata!”


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