2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 10

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David Win Di Pipo of Ammon

  1. E con happun sey di king of di pipo of Ammon kpeme, and hin son Hanun take hin place as king.
  2. David con reason sey, “I go show good-heart to Hanun wey be di son of Nahash, just as hin papa bin show good-heart to me.” So David send some of hin servants go meet  Hanun to greet am becos of hin papa wey kpeme. Wen David servants reach di land of di pipo of Ammon,
  3. di princes of di Ammonites con tell Hanun dia oga—sey, “Abi you tink sey David dey show respect to your papa by sending men to greet you? Abi you tink sey David no send hin men to watch and spy di city, con overthrow am?”
  4. So Hanun hold David men, he barb half of di men bear-bear, he cut dia cloth for di middle, for di yansh side, con tell dem sey make dem dey go.
  5. Wen dem yarn David about dis tins, he send messengers go meet di men, becos shame catch di men well-well. So di king tok sey, “Make una stay for Jericho until una bear-bear don grow, and make una come back.”
  6. Wen di pipo of Ammon notice sey dem don dey smell for David, dem con pay 20,000 Syrian sojas from Bethrebob plus Zobah, 12,000 men from Ishtob, and 1,000 men from di king of Maacah.
  7. As David hear am, David send Joab wit di full army to fight dem.
  8. Di pipo of Ammon come out, con set to attack, for front of di gate of di city, wit di Syrians of Zobah plus Rehob and di men of Ishtob, plus Maacah con dey by demsef for di open field.
  9. Wen Joab see sey fighting lines dey against am for hin front and back; he select some of di best sojas for Israel, con send dem against di Syrians.
  10. He put di rest of di men under di command of Abishai hin broda, con send dem against di Syrians.
  11. Joab con tok sey, “If di Syrians strong pass me well-well, den you must come epp me, but if di pipo of Ammon too strong for you, den I go come epp you.
  12. Dey strong, and make we fight wit full-mind like men, for awa pipo, and for di cities of awa God. Baba-God go do wetin dey right for hin eyes.”
  13. Naso Joab plus di sojas wey dey wit am carry-go fight di Syrians, and dem run from hin front.
  14. Wen di pipo of Ammon see sey di Syrians don dey run, dem sef run komot from Abishai, con go inside di city. So Joab come back from fighting di pipo of Ammon and he come Jerusalem.
  15. Di Syrians con see sey di pipo of Israel don win dem, so dem call all dia pipo togeda.
  16. King Hadadezer sey make dem call all di Syrians wey dey for di east side of River Euphrates. So dem come Helam wit Shobach wey dey lead dem as di commander of di armies of di king Hadadezar of Zobah.
  17. Wen dem tell David wetin happun, he gada all Israel, he cross River Jordan, con reach Helam. Di Syrians con set to fight David, and dem fight am.
  18. But di Syrians run from Israel and David kill seven-hundred of dia men wey dey ride horse-moto, and forty thousand horse-riders. He still kill Shobach wey be di commander of dia army, and he kpeme for there.
  19. Wen all di kings wey dey under Hadadezar see sey di pipo of Israel don win dem, naso dem make peace wit Israel, con agree to serve Israel. So di pipo of Syria fear to epp di pipo Ammon again.


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