2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 11

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David Wit Bathsheba

  1. E con happun wen di year don crash, around di time wey kings dey fight war, nahin David send Joab, and hin servants wit am, plus all di pipo of Israel. Dem scata di pipo of Ammon, con surround Rabbah. But David dey chill for Jerusalem.
  2. One evening, David stand up from hin bed, con dey waka around di roof of hin palace. From on top of di palace, he see one woman wey dey baff. If you see di woman, she fine well-well.
  3. David send pesin go know who she be. So di man tok sey, “No be Bathsheba be dis—wey be di daughter of Eliam and she be Uriah wife—Uriah wey be Hittite?”
  4. Naso David send messenger to go carry her come. She come meet am, and David sleep wit her. (She bin just finish are cleaning ritual afta her period.) So she go back to her house.
  5. Di woman con get-belle, so she send message go meet David sey, “I don get-belle.”
  6. So David send dis words to Joab, “Go call Uriah wey be di Hittites for me.” So Joab send am go meet David.
  7. Wem Uriah come meet am, David ask am howfar wit Joab, how di sojas dey, and how di war dey go.
  8. Naso David tell Uriah sey, “Dey go your house make you wash your leg.” So Uriah komot from di palace, and di king send gift go meet am.
  9. But Uriah sleep for di gate of di palace wit all di king servants and he no go hin house.
  10. Wen dem tell David sey Uriah no go hin house. David ask am sey, “Abi you no just come from far-far? Why you no gree go house?”
  11. Naso Uriah tell David sey, “Di Ark, Judah, plus Israel dey stay for inside tents. Even my oga Joab, plus di king men dey camp for open field. How I go take go my house to chop and drink, con sleep wit my wife? Truth-to-God, as long as you dey alive, I no go fit do dat kain tin!”
  12. Naso David tell Uriah sey, “Stay for here for one more day and tomorrow I go send you go back.” So Uriah con dey for Jerusalem dat day plus di next day.
  13. David invite am to come chop and drink wit am, con make am high well-well. But dat same evening, Uriah go sleep for bed, among hin oga servants; he no gree go hin house.
  14. For morning, David write letter to Joab, con send Uriah to carry di letter go.
  15. Inside di letter, he write sey, “Put Uriah for front-front of di war, for where di fight dey hot pass. Den make you komot near am so dat enemies go nack am down, con kill am.”
  16. E con happun sey, wen Joab observe di city, he put Uriah for di place wey he know sey strong men dey.
  17. Wen di men of di city come out to fight Joab, some of di men of David army fall; evensef Uriah wey be di Hittite die.
  18. So Joab send message to David, about everitin wey happun for di war.
  19. He tell hin messenger sey, “Wen you don give di king dis full gist about di war,
  20. di king fit vex and he fit ask you sey, “Why una near di city like dat to fight? Abi una no know sey dem go shoot arrows from di wall?
  21. Who kill Abimelech wey be di son of Jerub-Beshet? Abi no be for Thebez one woman throw grinding-stone from di wall, con kill am? So why you con near di wall well-well like dat?’ Naso you go tell am sey, ‘Dem don kill your servant sef, Uriah wey be Hittite.’ ”
  22. Di messenger komot, and wen he reach, he tell David everitin wey Joab tell am to tok.
  23. Di messenger con tell David sey, “Di men over-pawa us and dem con fight us for open field, but we pursue dem go back to di front of di gates of dia city.
  24. Naso di men wey dey shoot arrow con shoot arrow to your servants from di wall, and some of di king men die. Evensef, your servant Uriah wey be Hittite don kpeme.”
  25. David con tell di messenger sey, “Tell Joab sey: ‘No let dis tin make you vex, since you no know who sword go kill for war. Tell am sey make he attack di city wit more pawa, con take-over di city. Naso you go take ginger Joab”
  26. Wen Uriah wife hear sey her husband don die, she cry for am.
  27. Afta di time wey she don cry for her husband finish, David tok sey make dem carry her come di palace, naso she take turn to David wife, con born baby-boy for am. But wetin David do no make Baba-God happy at all.


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