2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 13

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Amnon and Tamar

  1. E con happun sey Absalom wey be David son get one fine sista wey her name na Tamar. And Amnon wey be David son con love her.
  2. Amnon fall in love well-well, sote he con dey sick becos of hin sista Tamar. She be virgin and Amnon con reason sey e hard for am to do anytin wit her.
  3. But Amnon get one padi wey hin name na Jonadab, di son of Shimeah, wey be David broda. And Jonadab na very sharp guy.
  4. So he ask Amnon sey, “Why you wey be di king pikin con dey thin like dis everi day? Abi you no go tell me?” Naso Amnon tell am sey, “I love Tamar wey be my broda Absalom sista.
  5. Jonadab con tell am sey, “Go lie down for bed and make you pretend sey you dey sick. Wen your papa come see you, tell am sey, ‘I go like make my sista Tamar come give me food to chop. Make she arrange di food for my front so dat I go dey look her, con chop from her hand.’ ”
  6. So Amnon lie down, con pretend sey he dey sick. Wen di king come see am, Amnon tell am sey, “Abeg I go like make my sista Tamar come make some cake for my front, so dat I fit chop from her hand.”
  7. So David send message to Tamar for di palace: “Go Amnon your broda house, con make some food for am.”
  8. So Tamar go Amnon her broda house. Amnon dey lie down. She carry small flour wey she don mix, con prepare am, con make cake for there as he dey look her. Naso she bake di cakes.
  9. So she serve di cake for am to chop, but he no gree chop. He con tok sey, “Tell everi pesin make dem dey go”—and all di pipo komot.
  10. Naso Amnon tell Tamar sey, “Carry di food come meet me for here for my room so dat I go fit chop from your hand.” Naso Tamar carry di bread wey she make go meet her broda Amnon for hin room.
  11. But wen she carry di food go meet am to chop, he hold her, con tok sey, “Come sleep wit me my sista.”
  12. So she tok sey, “No do like dat my broda, no use gra-gra. Dis kain tin no suppose happun for Israel! No do dis kain bad tin.
  13. Wot about me? How I go take komot shame from my eyes? And wot about you? You go be like one of di wicked mumu pipo for Israel. Abeg follow awa papa di king tok, I dey sure sey he go allow you marry me.”
  14. But he no gree listen to her, and since he stong pass her, he con rape her.
  15. Naso Amnon con hate her well-well—sote he con hate her pass as he take bin love her. So he tell her sey “Stand up make you dey komot from here!”
  16. She con tok sey, “Lai-lai! If you pursue me komot, e go bad pass wetin you don already do to me.” But he still no gree hear her.
  17. He call hin servant, con tell am sey, “Carry dis babe komot from here and make you lock di door as she komot.”
  18. She dey wear one fine cloth wey dem design wit plenty colors, becos na di kain cloth wey di king virgin daughter dey wear. Naso di servant carry her come out, con lock di door.
  19. So Tamar put Ashes for her head, con tear her cloth wey she bin wear, wey get plenty colors. She put her hand for her head, con dey waka dey go as she dey cry well-well.
  20. Wen her broda Absalom see her, naso he ask her sey, “Abi Amnon don use gra-gra for you? Abeg my sista, no vex too much. Na your broda, no carry dis tin for mind.” So Tamar stay for Absalom house wit sadness as she dey alone.
  21. Wen king David hear all dis tins, he con dey vex well-well.
  22. Absalom no follow Amnon tok anytin, either bad or good; he con hate Amnon becos he don use gra-gra for hin sista Tamar.

Absalom Kill Amnon

23. Two years lata, Absalom dey komot di wool from hin sheep for Ball Hazor, near di town of Ephraim, and he invite all di king sons to come there.

24. Absalom go meet di king, con tok sey, “My king, I dey komot di wool from my sheep body. I dey invite you and your servants to come”

25. Di king ansa am sey, “No my pikin, make all of us no go, we go only be like load for your head.” Even though Absalom ginger am, he still no gree go, but David give am hin blessing.

26. Naso Absalom tok sey, “If you no wan go, make my broda Amnon follow us.” So di king ansa am sey, “Why you wan make he follow you go?”

27. But Absalom ginger am, so di king send Amnon plus di rest of di king sons to follow am.

28. Absalom con tell hin men sey, “Make una hear me, wen Amnon don high wit drink and I tell una sey, ‘Kill Amnon,’ naso una go kill am. Make una no fear. Abi no be me give una di order? Make una dey strong, con get full-mind.”

29. So Absalom men do Amnon wetin Absalom tell dem to do. Naso all di king sons stand up, con climb dia horse to run komot from there.

30. As dem dey go for road, David con hear wetin happun sey: “Absalom don kill all di king sons and no single one of dem remain.”

31. Di king stand up, he tear hin clothes, con lie down for ground, and all di servants stand near am wit dia cloth wey demsef tear.

32. But Jonadab wey be di son of Shimeah, David broda con tok sey, “Make my oga no dey reason sey Absalom don kill all di princes. Na only Amnon die. Absalom don carry dis tin for hin mind since Amnon use gra-gra for hin sista Tamar.

33. Now make my oga di king no dey reason di news sey all di king sons don die. Na only Amnon die.”

34. Naso Absalom run komot. Now di man wey dey watch, look up, con see sey plenty pipo wey run come from di road wey dey for di side of di mountain wey dey for hin back.

35. Jonadab con tell di king sey, “You see, di king sons don show-face, e don happun just as your servant tell you.”

36. As he tok finish, di king sons enta. Dem con dey cry loud cry. Di king sef and all hin servants con dey cry well-well.

37. Absalom run, con go meet Talmai wey be di son of Ammihud—di king of Geshur. But king David cry for hin son everi day.

38. Afta Absalom run, con go Geshur, he stay for there for three years.

39. And di spirit of di king con feel like seeing Absalom, becos he don calm down from di death of Amnon.


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