2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 14

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Absalom Come Back To Jerusalem

  1. Joab wey be di son of Zeruiah know sey di king heart feel like to see Absalom.
  2. So Joab send pesin go Tekoa, con sey make dem carry one wise woman come from there. He tell her sey, “Abeg pretend sey you dey mourn. Dress up wit mourning clothes, and make you no use cream for body. Do like woman wey don spend many days dey cry for pesin wey don die.
  3. Naso you go go meet di king, con tell am dis words.” Naso Joab tell her wetin she go tok.
  4. Wen di woman from Tekoa go meet di king, she fall wit her face for gound to respect di king, and she tok sey, “Epp me, chai king!”
  5. So di king ask her sey, “Wetin dey worry you?” She con tok sey, “I be widow. My husband don die.
  6. Me your servant bin get two sons. Dem dey fight wit demsef for field and no pesin dey for there to separate dem. One nack di oda one, con kill am.
  7. Now di whole family don rise up against me, and dem tok sey, ‘Give us your pikin wey kill hin broda, so dat we go kill am becos he kill hin broda. If dem do like dat, I no go get any pikin again. Dem go kill my last hope, and my husband no go get son to keep hin family name.”
  8. Naso di king tell di woman sey, “Dey go your house, and I go do sometin about your mata.”
  9. Di woman from Tekoa con tell di king sey, “My oga di king, make di blame dey on me and on my papa family, and make di king plus di king-chair dey innocent.”
  10. Naso di king ansa her, “If any pesin change-am-for you, carry am come meet me, and di pesin no go wahala you again.”
  11. So she tok sey, “Abeg swear to me wit Baba-God your Oga—to stop di pipo wey wan take revenge for blood, and make dem no add join wetin don already spoil, so dat dem no go kill my pikin.” David con tok sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey live, no single one of your pikin hair go drop for ground.”
  12. Naso di woman tok sey, “Make I tell my oga di king one more tin.” Di king con ansa her, “Tok.”
  13. So di woman tok sey, “So why you con plan sometin like dis against Baba-God pipo? Wen di king tok dis tins, abi he no dey condemn hinsef, becos di king neva bring back hin son wey run komot?
  14. Like water wey dem throway for ground and wey dem no fit fetch back, naso all of us must die. But Baba-God no just dey cut man life komot, instead he go fyne way to bring us back wen we don separate from am.
  15. “And now I don come tell my oga di king dis tin, becos di pipo don threaten me. So I reason sey, ‘I go follow di king tok, maybe he fit do wetin I ask am to do.
  16. May be di king go agree to save me from di hand of di man wey dey try to cut both me and my pikin from di land wey Baba-God give us.’
  17. And now I tok sey, ‘Make di word of my oga di king give me rest, becos my oga di king be like Baba-God angel wey dey understand good and evil. Make Baba-God your Oga dey wit you.’ ”
  18. Naso di king tell di woman sey, “I no wan make you hide di ansa of wetin I wan ask you.” So di woman tok sey, “Make my oga di king tok.”
  19. Di king con ask her sey, “Abi Joab no get hand for all dis tins wey you dey tok?” Di woman ansa am sey, “As surely as you dey live, my oga di king, no pesin fit turn go right of left from anytin wey my oga di king tok. Yes, your servant Joab nahin tell me to do dis tin, and nahin put all dis words for my mouth.
  20. Your servant Joab do dis tin to make you see di mata from anoda angle. My Oga wise well-well like Baba-God angel—he sabi everitin wey dey happun for di earth.”
  21. Di king con tell Joab sey, “Okay, I go do am. Go carry di young man Absalom come back.”
  22. Joab fall wit hin face for ground to respect am, and he tank di king. Joab tok sey, “Today, me your servant know sey he don see favour for your eyes, my oga di king, becos di king don accept wetin I ask for.”
  23. Naso Joab go Geshur, con carry Absalom come back to Jerusalem.
  24. But di king tok sey, “He must go hin own house; he must no se my face.” So Absalom go hin own house and he no see di face of hin papa di king.

King David Forgive Absalom

25. For di whole of Israel e no get any oda pesin wey dem dey tok about—pass Absalom, becos of how he fine reach. From hin head reach di bottom of hin leg—no scratch dey for hin body.

26. Hin hair thick well-well, and he dey cut am once everi year wen e don grow well-well and wen e don full. Di hair dey weigh pass 2 kg wit di measurement of di palace standard.

27. Absalom get three sons plus one daughter. Hin daughter name na Tamar, and she be woman wey fine well-well.

28. Absalom live for Jerusalem for two years wit-out seeing David di king face.

29. Naso Absalom tok sey make dem call Joab so dat he go send am go meet di king. But Joab no gree go meet am. So he send message di second time, but Joab still no gree come.

30. So he tell hin servants sey, “See, Joab farm dey near my land and he get barley for there. Make una go burn am.” So Absalom servants go burn di farm.

31. Naso Joab go Absalom house, con tell am sey, “Why your servants burn my farm?”

32. Absalom con tell Joab sey, “See, I send message to you, con tok sey, ‘Come, so dat I go fit send you go meet di king to ask am sey, “Why you sey make I come back from Geshur? E for beta for me if to sey I still dey for there!”’ So now, I wan see di king face, and if I dey guilty of anytin, make he kill me.”

33. Joab go meet di king, con tell am dis tins. So di king tok sey make dem bring Absalom come, and Absalom come inside, con bow down wit hin face for ground for front of di king. And di king kiss Absalom.


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