2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 15

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Absalom Plan Against Di King

  1. E con happun sey afta dis tin, Absalom arrange horse-moto plus horses, wit fifty men wey go go for hin front.
  2. Naso Absalom go get up for early mor-mor, con stand near di corner of di road to di gate of di city. Any time wey any pesin come complain to di king for di king to decide mata, Absalom go call di pesin con ask am sey, “Which city you from come? Di pesin go ansa, “I come from one of di tribes of Israel.”
  3. Naso Absalom go tell am sey, “See, wetin you dey claim dey correct and legit, but di king no get any pesin now wey fit hear you.”
  4. And Absalom go tok sey, “If only sey dem make me judge for di land! Den everi pesin wey get complain or case go come meet me, and I go make sure sey di pesin get justice.”
  5. Evensef, any time wey any pesin meet am to bow down for hin front, Absalom go stretch hin hand, he go hug di pesin, con kiss am.
  6. Absalom behave like dis to all di pipo of Israel wey come meet di king to ask for justice, naso he take kolorbi di hearts of di men of Israel.
  7. Afta four years pass, Absalom con tell di king sey, “Abeg make I go Hebron to keep one promise wey I make to Baba-God.
  8. Wen I bin dey stay for Geshur for Syria, I make dis promise to Baba-God, sey, ‘If Baba-God true-true carry me come back to Jerusalem, I go worship Baba-God for Hebron,’ ”
  9. So di king tell am sey, “Make you dey go in peace.” So Absalom go Hebron.
  10. Naso Absalom send secret messenger tru-out di tribes of Israel to tell dem sey, “As una just hear di sound of trumpet, make una tok sey, ‘Absalom na di king of Hebron.’ ”
  11. Two hundred men of Jerusalem escort Absalom. Dem invite dem and dem go there wit clean-heart, but dem no sabi anytin about di mata.
  12. As Absalom dey give di sacrifices, he still sey make dem call Ahithophel wey be Gilonite—make he come from Giloh hin hometown. Ahithophel na David advicer. Naso di evil-plan take get pawa, and di pipo wey dey follow Absalom con dey plenty more-more.

David Run

13. One messenger come, con tell David sey, “Di hearts of all di men of Israel dey wit Absalom.”

14. Naso David tell all hin servants wey dey wit am for Jerusalem sey, “Make una come, we must run or none of us go fit escape from Absalom. We must komot sharp-sharp or he go come catch us kpakpakpa, and he go cos kasala for us, con use sword take kill pipo for di city.”

15. Di king servants con tell di king sey, “Your servants dey ready to do anytin wey awa oga di king choose.”

16. Naso di king enta road wit di whole of hin family wey he carry follow-body, but he leave hin ten side-chicks to take care of di palace.

17. So di king enta road wit all di pipo wey follow am. And dem stop for one far-far place.

18. All hin men march pass am, along wit all di kerethites and Pelethites, plus six hundred Gittites wey follow am come from Gath—con march go di king front.

19. Di king con tell Ittai wey be Gittites sey, “Why you dey follow us? Go back to stay wit king Absalom. You be foreigner, pesin wey run from hin homeland.

20. Na yesterday you just come, and why you wan make I dey let you waka-waka wit us, wen I no even know where I dey go? Dey go back and make you carry your tribes-men follow-body, and make Baba-God show you hin soft-love plus hin truth.”

21. But Ittai ansa di king sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey live, and as surely as di king dey alive, anywhere wey my oga di king dey go—whether e mean death or life, na for there I go follow am go sef.”

22. So David tell Ittai sey, “Carry-go, dey march dey go.” So Ittai wey be Gittite con march dey go wit all hin men plus di small-small pikin and family wey dey wit am.

23. Di whole pipo for di kontri con dey cry wit loud voice as di pipo dey pass dey go. Di king sef cross di River of Kidron, and all di pipo cross—go di desert area.

24. Zadock sef dey for there, plus all di Levites wey dey wit am and wey dey carry Baba-God Ark. Dem put Baba-God Ark down, and Abiathar do sacrifices, until all di pipo komot from di city.

25. Naso di king tell Zadock sey, “Carry Baba-God Ark go back to di city. Baba-God go carry me come back if I see favour for hin eyes, con let me see di Ark again plus di place wey he dey stay.

26. But if he tok sey, ‘I no dey happy wit you,’ den I dey ready; make he do me anytin wey he feel sey dey right to am.”

27. Di king still tell Zadock di priest sey, “Abi you no be prophet? Dey go back to di city wit peace, wit your two son, Ahimaaz wey be your pikin, and Jonathan wey be di son of Abiathar.

28. See, I go wait for di smooth-land of di desert, until you bring message for me.”

29. So Zadock plus Abiathar carry Baba-God Ark back Go Jerusalem, con stay for there.

30. But David kontinu to move up go di mountain of Olives, he dey cry as he dey go; he cover hin head, and he no wear anytin for leg. All di pipo wey dey wit am cover dia head sef, and dem dey cry as dem dey go.

31. Pesin con tell David sey, “Ahitophel dey among di pipo wey join Absalom plan against you.” So David pray sey, “Oh Chineke (Baba-God), turn Ahitophel advice to yeye.”

32. Wen David reach on top of di mountain, for where he take dey worship Baba-God, Hushai wey be Arkite dey for there go meet am, wit hin cloth wey don tear, and hin head full wit dust.

33. David con tell am sey, “If you follow me go, you go be like load for my head.

34. But if you go back to di city con tell Absalom sey, ‘I go be your servant, oh king, I be your papa servant before, but now I go be your servant,’ so dat you go fit epp me spoil Ahitophel advice.

35. Abi Zadock plus Abiathar di priest no go dey for there wit you? Tell dem anytin wey you hear for inside di king palace.

36. Dia two sons, Ahimaaz wey be son of Zadock and Jonathan wey be son of Abiathar dey for there wit dem. Send dem come meet me to tell me anytin wey you fit hear.”

37. So Hushai wey be David padi con reach Jerusalem as Absalom dey enta di city.


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