2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 16

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David Wit Ziba

  1. Wen David pass on top of di Mountain of Olives—con move go front small,he see Ziba wey be di Mephibosheth servant—dey wait for there to meet am. He dey wit two donkeys wey carry 200 bread, 100 bunch of dry-grapes, 100 bunches of fresh fruits, and one bottle of wine.
  2. Naso di king ask Ziba sey, “Why you carry dis tins come meet me?” Ziba con ansa am, “Di donkeys na for di king family so dat dem go fit ride am, di bread plus di fruits na for di men to chop, and di wine na to ginger those wey go taya for inside di desert.”
  3. Di king con ask am sey, “Where your oga pikin?” Naso Ziba tell am sey, “He dey stay for Jerusalem becos he dey reason sey, “Today, di house of Israel go give me back my papa kingdom.’ ”
  4. So di king tell Ziba sey, “Everitin wey belong to Mephibosheth don turn to your own now.” Ziba con tok sey, “I bow down to you, make I always see favour for di king eyes, my oga, and my king.”

Shimei Curse David

5. As king David dey reach Bahurim, one man from there con show-face. Di man na from Saul family. Hin name na Shimei wey be di son of Gera, he con dey curse David as he dey come out.

6. He stone di king plus di king servants, plus all di strong sojas wey surround di king.

7. As he dey curse, he tok sey, “Komot from here, komot from here, you wey be killer and jaduga!” naso he dey shout,

8. “Baba-God don pay you back for all di blood wey you shed for Saul family, and wey you take hin place as king. Baba-God don carry di kingdom give your son Absalom. You don fall inside your own evil ways, becos you be man of blood!”

9. Naso Abishai wey be di son of Zeruiah con tell di king sey, “Why dis dead dog go dey curse my oga di king? Abeg make I go meet am to cut hin head komot.”

10. But di king tok sey, “Dis one no concern you, una wey be di sons of Zeruiah? If he dey curse me becos Baba-God tell am sey, ‘Curse David,’ who fit ask sey, ‘Why you dey do dis tin?’ ”

11. David con still tell Abishai and all hin servants sey, “My pikin wey be from my own flesh dey try to kill me, tokless of dis man from Benjamin! Leave am make he dey curse, becos na Baba-God tell am to do like dat.

12. E fit be sey Baba-God go see my wahala, con pay me back wit good becos of di curse wey I dey receive today.”

13. So David and hin men carry-go for di road as Shimei dey go di hill for di oda side. He dey curse David as he dey waka go and he dey throw stones plus dust go meet David.

14. Di king plus all di pipo wey dey wit am con taya, so dem rest for there, near River Jordan.

Absalom Go Back To Jerusalem

  1. 15. Naso Absalom and all di army of Israel come back to Jerusalem, and Ahitophel dey wit am.
  2. Wen Hushai wey be di Arkite—David padi, go meet Absalom, he con tell Absalom sey, “Make di king live long! Make di king live long!””
  3. So Absalom ask Hushai sey, “Na dis be di love wey you dey show your padi? Why you no follow your padi go?”
  4. Naso Hushai tell Absalom sey, “Lai-lai, di pesin wey Baba-God don choose, wey all dis pipo and di men of Israel choose—nahin I belong to, and nahin I go dey wit.
  5. Evensef, who I go serve? Abi I no go serve di son? Just as I bin serve your papa, naso I go serve you.”
  6. Absalom tell Ahitophel sey, “Give us your advice. Wetin we go do?”
  7. Ahitophel ansa am sey, “Sleep wit your papa side-chicks wey dem leave to take care of di palace. So dat di whole of Israel go hear sey your papa don take you as hin enemy, naso di hands of everi pesin wey dey wit you go strong.”
  8. So dem set tent for Absalom on top of house, and he sleep wit hin papa side-chicks as di whole of Israel dey look am.
  9. Those days, di advice wey Ahitophel dey give—con be like sey na man wey dey hear from Baba-God oracle. Naso all Ahitophel advice be—both to David plus Absalom.


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