2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 17

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Di Advice of Ahitophel Plus Hushai

  1. So Ahitophel tell Absalom sey, “I go choose twelve thousand men, and I go stand up go fyne David dis night.
  2. I go attack am wen he don taya and wen he no get pawa. I go burst am wit kasala to make am fear, and all di pipo wey dey wit am go run. Na only di king I go kill,
  3. and I go carry all di pipo come back to you. Wen di man wey you dey fyne don kpeme, e mean sey all di pipo go come back wit peace.”
  4. Di plan con make-sense to Absalom well-well plus di senior-men of Israel.
  5. So Absalom tok sey, “Call Hushai wey be di Arkite, so dat we go hear wetin he get to tok for di mata.”
  6. Wen Hushai come meet Absalom, Absalom con ask am sey, “Ahitophel don advice me. Make we do wetin he tok? If no be so, tell us wetin you tink.”
  7. Hushai ansa Absalom sey, “Di advice wey Ahitophel give no-make-sense dis time.
  8. You sabi your papa and hin men; dem be fighters, and dem dey vex for dia minds now like wild bear wey dem steal her pikin for forest. Evensef, your papa na fighter wey get experience, he no go spend di night wit di sojas.
  9. As we dey tok so, he dey hide for inside rock or some oda place. And e go happun sey if David win some of your men first, any pesin wey hear am go con tok sey ‘Dem don kill some of di pipo wey dey follow Absalom.’
  10. Den even di soja wey get-mind pass, wey hin heart be like di heart of lion go melt wit fear, becos di whole of Israel sabi sey your papa dey fight well-well and di men wey dey wit am get-mind.
  11. “So I dey advice you: Make all Israel, from Dan reach Beersheba—as dem plenty reach like sand-sand for beach—make dem gada come meet you, wit you yoursef wey dey lead dem to fight.
  12. Naso we go attack am anywhere wey dem see am, and we go fall on am as showers take dey fall for ground. Even him plus all di men wey dey wit am no go survive am.
  13. If he enta any city, naso all Israel go bring ropes to dat city, and we go drag am enta river until dem no go fit see even one small stone of dat city.”
  14. Absalom plus all di men of Israael con tok sey, “Di advice of Hushai di Arkite beta pass di advice of Ahitophel.” Becos Baba-God don zero hin mind to spoil di beta advice of Ahitophel so dat he go fit make kasala burst for Absalom.

Hushai Warn David To Escape

15. Hushai con tell Zadok plus Abiathar di priest sey, “Ahitophel don advice Absalom plus di senior-men of Israel to do so-so-and-so, and na so-so-and-so nahin I advice am.

16. Now sharply send message go meet David, con tell am sey, ‘No spend di night for di smooth-land of di desert; but cross di river now-now-now, or else di king plus all di pipo wey dey wit am go die.’

17. Jonathan plus Ahimaaz con stay for En-Rogel, becos dem no fit risk dia life make pipo see dem for inside di city. So dem bin arrange one servant-girl wey go go tell dem, and dem go con go tell king David,

18. But one young man see dem, con go tell Absalom. So di two of dem komot sharply con go one man house for inside Bahurim. Di man get well for hin compound, and dem climb go down inside di well.

19. Hin wife carry sometin take cover di well, con spread corn on top—and no pesin suspect anytin.

20. Wen Absalom men come meet di woman for di house, dem ask her sey, “Where Ahimaaz and Jonathan?” So di woman ansa dem, “Dem cross go di oda side of di river.” Absalom men fyne dem taya but dem no see dem, so dem go back to Jerulsaem.

21. Afta di men don komot, dem climb komot from di well con go tell king David. Naso dem tell am sey, “Start to dey komot and make you cross di river sharply, Ahitophel don advise so-so-and-so tin against you.”

22. So David plus all di pipo wey dey wit am komot, con cross River Jordan. Wen morning reach, no pesin remain wey neva cross di river.

23. Wen Ahitophel see sey dem no follow hin advice, he set hin donkey, con go hin home town, he arrange everitin for hin house, con hang hinsef. He die for there am dem bury am for hin papa burial ground.

24. David go Mahanaim, and Absalom cross River Jordan wit all di men of Israel wey dey wit am.

25. Absalom choose Amasa to take Joab position—to dey in charge of di army. Amasa na di son of one man wey dem dey call Jether wey be from Israel and wey marry Abigail wey be di daughter of Nahash and wey be di sista of Zeruiah, di mama of Joab.

26. So di pipo of Israel plus Absalom camp for di land of Gilead.

27. Wen David reach Mahanaim, Shobi wey be di son of Nahash from Rabbah of di Ammonite, and Makir wey be di son of Ammiel from Lo Debar, plus Barzillai di Gealidite from Rogelim,

28. con bring mat to sleep, pot for cooking, bowls to serve, wheat plus barley, flour, plus roasted corn, beans, lentils, plus oda seeds wey dem roast,

29. honey, butter, sheep, goats, plus cheese for David and those pipo wey dey wit am to chop—becos dem tok sey, “Hungry must dey catch all of una, una must don taya and una throat must don dry for inside desert.”


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