2nd Samuel,  Judges

2nd Samuel Chapter 18

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As Absalom Take Kpeme

  1. David gada di men wey dey wit am, and he choose commanders of one thousand men, and commanders of hundred men.
  2. David send di sojas go out for three groups. He put one group under Joab, anoda group under Joab broda—Abishai, wey be di son of Zeruiah, and anoda one under Ittai wey be di man of Gath. So di king tell hin sojas sey, “I dey follow una go out sef.”
  3. But di men tok sey, “You must no go out; if e con be sey we must escape, dem no care about us. Dem no go even care if half of us kpeme; dem go dey fyne you. Now you be like ten thousand of us. E go dey beta now for you to give us support from di city.”
  4. Naso di king ansa dem, “I go do anytin wey una tink sey be di best.” So di king stand near di gate as all di men march out wit groups of hundreds and thousands.
  5. Di king con tell Joab, Abishai plus Ittai, sey, “Make una take am easy wit di young man Absalom becos of me.” And all di sojas hear as di king dey give orders about Absalom to everi of di commander.
  6. Di army march enta di field to fight Israel, and dem fight for di forest of Epharim.
  7. Na for there David army win di army of Israel, and di killing dat day burku well-well—sote twenty thousand men die.
  8. Di fight spread round di whole kontri side, and di forest kill pipo pass sword.
  9. Now e con happun sey Absalom meet David men. He try to escape wit hin horse, but as he dey ride under di thick branches of one big oak tree, hin hair hook for di tree. Hin horse run leave am as he hang for air.
  10. Wen one of di men see dis tin, he tell Joab sey, “See, I just see Absalom dey hang for one oak tree.”
  11. Joab con tell di man wey tell am dis tin sey, “Wetin? You see am? Why you no kill am for ground for there? Naso I for take give you ten pieces of silver plus belt.”
  12. But di man ansa am sey, “Even if dem give me one thousand pieces of silver for my hand, I no go use my hand take kill oba (king) pikin. We hear as di king dey tell you plus Abishai and Ittai sey, ‘I dey warn una sey make no pesin touch di young man Absalom!’
  13. And if to sey I risk my life—and di king con hear everitin—yousef for deny me.”
  14. Naso Joab tok sey, “Awa mumu don do!” So he carry three knife, con throw am for Absalom heart as he dey hang for there alive for di big tree.
  15. And ten of Joab young men wey dey keep hin weapon surround Absalom, dem shuuk am woto-woto, con kill am.
  16. Naso Joab blow di trumpet, and di sojas stop to dey pursue Israel, becos Joab stop dem.
  17. Dem carry Absalom, con throway am inside big pit for inside forest, and dem carry big rocks take cover am. By dat time, all di pipo of Israel don run enta dia house.
  18. Wen Absalom dey alive he stand one statue wit hin name—for Bottom-of-di-mountain of di King, he bin tok sey, “I no get any son wey go kontinu my name.” So he name di pillar wit hin own name, and till today, dem dey call di place, ‘Di Place of Absalom.’

David Cry For Absalom

19. Now Ahimaaz wey be di son of Zadok con tok sey, “Make I run carry di news go meet di king sey Baba-God don save am from hin enemies.”

20. So Joab tell am sey, “No be you go tok di news today, you fit tok news anoda time, but you must no do like dat today, becos di king pikin don die.”

21. Joab con tell one Ethiopian man sey, “Go tell di king wetin you see.” Di Ethiopian man bow down for Joab, con komot.

22. Ahimaaz wey be Zadok son con tell Joab again sey, “Any-which-way, abeg make me sef run follow di Ethiopian.” So Joab tok sey, “Why you wan go my pikin, since you no get news wey dem go pay you for?”

23. So he beg, “Any-which-way, make I still dey go.” Las-las, Joab con tok sey, “Okay dey go.” So Ahimaaz run follow di road of di smooth-land, so he con dey for front of di Ethiopian.

24. As David dey sidon between di inside and outside gates of di city, di watchman climb up to di roof of di gate of di wall. As he dey look, he con see one man dey run come.

25. Di king watchman con call di king, con tell am.  Naso di king tok sey, “If he dey alone, he must dey bring good news come.” And di man con dey near dem more-more.

26. Naso di watchman see anoda man dey run come, he call di gate-man, con tell am sey, “See anoda man dey run come alone!” Di king con tok sey, “Hinsef dey bring good news come.”

27. Di watchman con tok sey, “To me, e be like sey di first man dey run like Ahimaaz wey be Zadok son.” So di king tok sey, “Na good man, he dey carry good news come.”

28. So Ahimaaz call di king, “Everitin dey alright.” He bow down for di king front wit hin head face ground and he tok sey, “Praise be to Baba-God wey be your Oga! He don give you di pipo wey get liver to stand against my oga di king.”

29. Naso di king ask am, “Absalom di young man dey safe?” Ahimaaz con ansa am sey, “I bin see serious kasala just as Joab wan send di king servant, and me your servant, but I know sabi wetin e be.”

30. Di king con tok sey, “Stand for corner make you wait for here.” So he go one corner con stand for there.

31. Naso di Ethiopian show-face, con tok sey, “My oga di king, hear di good news! Baba-God don save you today from all those pipo wey bin rise up against you.”

32. Di king ask di Ethiopian, “Absalom di young man dey safe?” And di Ethiopian ansa am, “Make di enemies of my oga di king plus everi pesin wey rise up to wound you, be like dat young man.”

33. Naso di king con dey shake. He climb up go di room on top of di gate, con dey cry. And as he dey go, he dey cry, “Chai, my pikin Absalom, my pikin, my son Absalom! How I wish sey Baba-God take me instead of you! Chai Absalom, my son, my pikin.”


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