2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 19

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David Go Back To Jerusalem

  1. So dem tell Joab sey,“Di king dey cry for Absalom.”
  2. And di victory con turn to cry-cry for di whole army dat day, as dem hear about di king serious sadness for hin son.
  3. Dem go back to di city wit jeje dat day—as if shame dey catch dem and dem run from fight.
  4. Di king cover hin face con dey cry wit loud voice, “Chai my pikin Absalom! Oh Absalom, my pikin, my pikin!”
  5. So Joab enta inside di house to meet di king, con tok sey, “Today you don make all your men feel sad, men wey just save your life wit di lives of your sons plus your daughters, plus di lives of your wives, plus your side-chicks.
  6. You love those pipo wey hate you and you hate those pipo wey love you. You don show am today sey di commanders plus di men no mean anytin to you. I see sey body go sweet you today if to sey Absalom dey alive and all of us con kpeme.
  7. Now go outside make you ginger your men. I swear wit Baba-God name sey if you no go out, no single man go remain wit you by evening. And dis one go bad pass all di yawa wey you don see since wen you small reach now.”
  8. So di king stand up, con go sidon for hin chair for front of di gate, and as di tori spread tru-out di town sey he dey for there, everi pesin go meet am. But di pipo of Israel wey support Absalom run go dia house.

David Take Back Hin King-chair

9. Tru-out all di tribes of Israel, di pipo con dey argue wit demsef sey, “Di king save us from di hand of awa enemies; nahin be di pesin wey save us from di Philistines. But now he don run komot from di kontri becos of Absalom.

10. And now Absalom wey we anoint as king to rule us don die for war. So why una no dey tok anytin about bringing back di king?”

11. So King David send message to Zadok plus Abiathar wey be priests: “Ask di senior-men of Judah sey, ‘Why na una go be di last to carry di king go back to hin palace, since everitin wey dem dey tok for Israel dey come meet di king for hin house?

12. Una be my brodas, my own flesh and blood, so why una go be di last to bring back di king?

13. And tell Amasa sey, ‘Abi you no be my own flesh and blood? Make Baba-God deal wit and even kill me—if I no make you di commander of my army from now—instead of Joab.’ ”

14. David win di hearts of all di men of Judah sote all of dem con dey reason wit one mind, and dem send message to David to come back wit all hin servants.

15. So di king come back, con reach Jordan. Now di men of Judah don come Gilgal to go meet David, to carry am cross River Jordan.

16. Shimei wey be di son of Gera—di Benjamite from Bahurim rush come wit di men of Judah—to meet King David.

17. Thousands of men of Benjamin dey wit am, along wit Ziba, di servant wey dey in charge of Saul family, and hin fifteen sons plus twenty servants. Dem rush go Jordan before di king.

                  David Forgive Shimei

18. Dem use boat take cross di river to carry di king family, and to do anytin wey di king want. Shimei wey be di son of Gera con bow down face ground to greet di king afta he cross river Jordan.

19. And he tell di king sey, “My oga, my king, abeg forgive me, forget di bad tins wey your servant do wen you dey komot from Jerusalem. Make di king no carry am for mind.”

20. Becos me I know sey I don do wrong tin. But today, I don come here as di first of di whole house of Joseph—to come meet my oga di king.”

21. Naso Abishai wey be di son of Zeruiah tok sey, “Abi Shemie no suppose die becos of dis? Becos he curse di pesin wey Baba-God anoint.”

22. So David ansa am, “How dis mata take concern you, una wey be di son of Zeruiah? You wan turn to my enemy today? Abi we go still kill pesin for Israel today? Today I don be king of Israel again!

23. So di king tell Shemei sey, “You no go die.” And di king promise am wit oath.

David And Mephibosheth Meet

24. Mephibosheth wey be Saul grand-pikin go meet di king sef. He no take care of hin leg or cut hin bear-bear or wash hin clothes since dat day wey di king komot until di dey wey di king come back wit peace.

25. E con happun sey, wen he come Jerusalem to meet di king, di king ask am sey, “Why you no follow me go, Mephibosheth?”

26. He con tok sey, “My oga di king, your servant Ziba do me wayo, I tell am sey, ‘Set di donkey so dat I fit follow di king,’ since I no fit waka.

27. And he don bad-mouth me to you my oga di king. My oga di king be like Baba-God angel; so do any tin wey you tink sey be di best.

28. All my grandpapa pikin be like dead men for front of my oga di king, but you give your servant place among those pipo wey dey chop from your table. So which right I get to ask anytin more from di king?”

29. Di king con tell am sey, “Wetin you tok don do, I bin tok sey you and Ziba go divide your land half-half between una.”

30. So Mephibosheth tell di king sey, “Make he take everitin, as long as my oga di king don come back wit peace to hin own house.”

David Show Good-heart to Barzillai

31. Barzillai di Gileadite sef come from Rogelim to escort di king to cross river Jordan.

32. Now Barzillai don old well-well, na eighty-years old. He bin dey give di king food wen di king dey stay for Mahanaim, becos he get moni well-well.

33. Di king con tell Barzillai sey, “Follow me cross go di oda side, con stay wit me for Jerusalem, and I go take care of you.”

34. But Barzillai ansa di king sey, “How many more year I go live, wey I go con follow di king go Jerusalem?

35. I be eighty years old now. And I fit tok di difference between good and evil? Abi food plus wine still get taste for my mouth? Abi I fit still hear di men and women dey sing? So why you wan make I be like load for my oga di king?

36. I go follow di king cross River Jordan go front small, but why di king wan pay me like dis?

37. Make I dey go back, so dat I fit die for my own city, and make dem bury me near my papa and mana grave. But see my son Kimham, he go serve you. Make he follow my oga di king go. Do am anytin wey you feel sey be di best.”

38. So di king tok sey, “Kimham go follow me cross, and I go do for am anytin wey go make you happy. And anytin wey you want from me nahin I go do for you.”

39. So all di pipo cross River Jordan, and di king sef cross River Jordan. Di king kiss Barzillai, con bless am, and Barzillai go back to hin own place.

Di Quarrel About Di King

40. Wen di king cross go Gilgal, Kimham cross wit am. All di sojas of Judah and half of di sojas of Israel nahin carry di king cross.

41. Naso all di men of Israel come meet di king, con dey tell am sey, “Why awa brodas—di men of Judah, steal di king komot and dem no give us di respet to epp carry you, your family, plus all David men—to cross River Jordan.”

42. All di men of Judah con ansa di men of Israel sey, “We do like dat becos di king relate to us well-well. Why una con dey vex about am? Abi we don chop any of di king food? Abi he don give us any gift?”

43. So di men of Israel ansa di men of Judah, “We get ten shares inside di king, and evensef, we get claim for di king pass una. So why una con dey do us anyhow like dis? Abi no be we be di first wey tok about bringing am back to be awa king again?” Naso dem con dey argue upandan, and di men of Judah con dey raise dia voice pass di men of Israel.


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