2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 2

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David Na King of Judah

  1. Afat dis tins, David con ask Baba-God sey, “Make I go up to any of di cities of Judah?” Naso Baba-God ansa am, “Dey go.” So David ask am sey, “Where make I go?” So Baba-God ansa am sey, “Dey go Hebron.”
  2. So David go there wit two of hin wives, Ahinoam of Jezreel plus Abigail, wey be di widow of Nabal of Carmel.
  3. David still carry di men wey dey wit am, all of dem dey wit dia family, and dem settle down for di cities of Hebron.
  4. Naso di men of Judah come Hebron and na for there dem anoint David as king of Judah. Wen dem tell David sey na di men of Jabesh Gilead bury Saul,
  5. He send messengers to di men of Jabesh Gilead to tell dem sey, “Make Baba-God bless una for showing good-heart to Saul una oga, as una bury am.
  6. Make Baba-God show una good-heart plus truth, and mesef go show una di same favour becos una do dis kain tin.
  7. Now make una dey strong and make una get full-mind, becos Saul una oga don kpeme, and di house of Judah don anoint me as dia king.

War Between Israel Plus Judah

8. But Abner wey be di son of Ner, di commander of Saul army, con carry Ish-Bosheth wey be Saul son, con carry am come Mahanaim.

9. He make am king of Gilead, Ashuri plus Jezreel, and even Ephraim, Benjamin plus di whole of Israel.

10. Ish-Bosheth wey be Saul son na forty years we dem make am king of Israel, and he reign for two years; but di house of Judah follow David.

11. David be king of di house of Judah for Hebron—for seven years and six months.

12. Abner wey be di son of Ner, togeda wit di men of Ish-Bosheth wey be Saul pikin—komot from Mahanaim, con go Gibeon.

13. Joab wey be di pikin of Zeruiah and David men komot, con meet dem for di water of Gibeon. One group sidon for one side of di water, and di oda group dey for di oda side.

14. Naso Abner tell Joab sey, “Make some of di young men fight for awa front.” Joab ansa am, “Okay make dem fight.”

15. So dem choose twenty-four men wey go fight from di two sides—12 men from Benjamin wey dey represent Saul son Ish-Bosheth, and 12 men from David servants.

16. Naso dem catch demsef for head, con dey shuuk demsef for body—to kill demsef. So since den, dem name dis place for Gibeon, ‘Di Field of Sword.’

17. Di fight dat day serious well-well, and Abner plus di men of Israel lose to David men.

18. Di three sons of Zeruiah wey be David men, dey for there dat day: Joab, Abishai plus Asahel. Asahel sabi run like gazelle,

19. So he pursue Abner, he no turn face right or left as he dey pursue am.

20. Abner look hin back con ask, “Na you be dat Asahel?” Naso he ansa am sey, “Na me.”

21. So Abner tell am sey, “Go fight anoda pesin, take one of di young men, con collect hin weapon.” But Asahel no stop to dey pursue am.

22. Abner warn Asahel again, “Stop to dey pursue me! Why you wan make I nack you down? How you wan make I take look your broda Joab for hin face?”

23. But Asahel no gree stop to dey pursue am, so Abner throw di end of hin long-sharp-weapon enta Asahel belle, and di weapon shuuk am, con komot from hin back. He fall for there and he die for dat place. Naso everi man stop, con stand dey look—wen dem reach di place where Asahel fall down die.

24. But Joab plus Abishai pursue Abner, and as di sun dey go down, dem reach di hill of Ammah near Giah for di road to di desert of Gibeon.

25. Naso di men of Benjamin gada for Abner back, dem form demsef as one group, con stand dia ground on top of one hill.

26. So Abner call Joab, “Must di sword kontinu to kill forever? You no dey see sey dis tin go end wit sadness? How long before you go tell your men to stop to dey pursue dia brodas?”

27. Naso Joab ansa am, “As surely as Baba-God dey live, if to sey you no tok, my men for kontinu to dey pursue una until morning reach.”

28. So Joab blow di trumpet and all di men con stop, dem stop to dey pursue di men of Israel or fight wit dem.

29. Tru-out dat night, Abner and hin men waka tru-out di smooth-land. Dem cross River Jordan, dem kontinu tru di whole Bithron, and dem reach Mahanaim.

30. Naso Joab come back from pursuing Abner, con gada hin men. Apart from Asahel, dem notice sey nineteen of David men dey miss.

31. But David men kill three hundred and sixty men of Benjamin wey dey wit Abner.

32. Dem carry Asahel, con bury am for hin papa burial ground for Bethlehem. Den Joab and hin men march tru-out di night and dem reach Hebron wen day break.


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