2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 20

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Sheba Change-am-for Di King

  1. E get one wahala man wey dem dey call Sheba wey be di son of Bicri and na from Benjamin. He sound di trumpet con shout, “We no get any share inside David, we no get part for inside Jesse pikin! Make every pesin dey go hin house, oh Israel!”
  2. So all di men of Israel fashi David con dey follow Sheba wey be di son of Bicri. But di men of Judah dey wit di king from Jordan reach Jerusalem.
  3. Wen David reach hin palace for Jerusalem, he carry hin ten side-chicks wey he leave to take care of di palace, he con put dem for one house wey dem dey guard. He take care of dem, but he no sleep wit dem again. So everi one of dem live like widow till dem kpeme.
  4. Naso di king tell Amasa sey, “Call di men of Judah to come meet me in three days, and make yousef dey for here.”
  5. But wen Amasa go call di men Judah, he use pass di time wey di king set for am.
  6. So David tell Abishai sey, “Now Sheba wey be di son of Bicri go do us bad pass wetin Absalom do. Take your oga men make your pursue am, or he go enta one strong city, wit fence, con escape from us.”
  7. So Joab men plus di Kerethites, and Pelethite, plus all di strong fighters con komot. Dem march go Jerusalem to pursue Sheba wey be di son of Bicri.
  8. As dem dey for one big stone for Gibeon, Amasa come meet dem. Joab wear soja cloth wit sword wey he tie for hin belt, near hin lap. As he waka go front to greet Amasa, naso di sword fall from where he hang am.
  9. Joab con tell Amasa, “How you dey my broda?” Naso Joab hold Amasa for hin bear-bear wit hin right hand to kiss am.

Dem Kill Amasa

10. Amasa no watch di sword wey dey for Joab hand, naso Joab shuuk am for belle, and hin intestine pour come out for ground. He no shuuk am again but he die. So Joab and hin broda Abishai pursue Sheba di son of Bicri.

11. One of Joab men stand near Amasa body con shout to di men, ‘Any pesin wey support Joab, and any pesin wey support for David, make he follow Joab!”

12. Amasa lie down dey for inside hin own blood for di middle of road. So wen di man con see sey no pesin move, he drag di body komot from road enta di field, con use cloth cover am—wen he see sey everi pesin wey come near am no gree move.

13. Afta dem komot Amasa body from road, all di men follow Joab to pursue Sheba di son of Bicri.

14. Sheba pass tru all di tribes of Israel, he go Abel, Beth Maacah and tru di whole di whole territory of Berites, but dem gada togeda con pursue am.

15. All di sojas wit Joab con surround Sheba for Abel of Bethmaacah. Dem build wall-of-attack against di city wall, and dem start to dey beat di wall of di city to make am fall down.

16. Naso one wise woman call from di city, “Listen! Listen! Tell joab make he come here so dat I go fit follow am tok.”

17. He waka go meet her, and she ask, “Na you be Joab?” Naso Joab ansa her, “Na me.” So she tok sey, “Listen to wetin I wan tell you.” So Joab ansa her, “I dey hear you.”

18. So she kontinu, “Before-before dem dey tok sey, ‘If you wan settle mata, your ansa dey for di city of Abel’—and naso e just be.

19. I dey among those wey love peace and wey loyal inside Israel. You dey try to scata city wey be mama for Israel. Why you wan swallow wetin belong to Baba-God?”

20. Naso Joab ansa, “Lai-lai, no be so, I no go ever spoil or scata your city!

21. No be awa plan be dat. E get one man wey dem dey call Sheba wey be di son of Bicri from di mountains of Ephraim. He don raise hin hand against di king, against king David. Make una give me dis one man and I go komot from di city.” Di woman con tell Joab sey, “See, dem go throw hin head come give you from di wall.”

22. Naso di woman go meet all di pipo wit her wisdom, and dem cut Sheba head komot—di son of Bicri, con throway am go meet Joab. So Joab blow di trumpet, naso hin men discharge from di city, and all of dem go dia house. And Joab go back to meet di king of Israel for Jerusalem.

23. Na Joab dey command di whole Israel army; Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada nahin dey control di Kerethites plus Pelethites;

24. Adoniram nahin dey in charge of di slave-labour, and Jehoshaphat wey be di son of Ahilud nahin dey keep history;

25. Sheva nahin be di writer; Zadok plus Abiathar nahin be di priests,

26. and Ira sef wey be Jairite na one of David priest.


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