2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 21

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David Revenge for Di Pipo of Gibeon

  1. Wen king David be king, hunger con dey di land for three straight years; so David ask Baba-God and Baba-God tok sey, “Na becos of Saul and hin family wey stain wit blood; na becos he kill di pipo of Gibeon.”
  2. Di king call di pipo of Gibeon, con follow dem tok. (Di pipo of Gibeon no be part of Israel but dem be di pipo wey remain from di Amorites; di pipo of Israel bin swear sey dem no go touch dem, but Saul try to kill dem becos of di love for di pipo of Israel and Judah.)
  3. So David ask di pipo of Gibeon sey, “Wetin I go do for una? How I go take make correct di wrong tin wey Saul do to una, so dat una go bless Baba-God pipo?”
  4. Di pipo of Gibeon con ansa am, “We no get any right to ask for silver or gold from Saul or hin family, and we no get any right to kill any pesin for Israel.” Naso David ask dem sey, “Wetin una wan make I do for una?”
  5. Dem con ansa di king, “As for di man wey finish us, con plan against us—sote he wan kill all of us from Israel kpatakpata,
  6. make dem give us seven of hin pikin-pikin-pikin wey be man, make we hang dem for Baba-God front, for Gibeah wey be Saul hometown—Saul wey Baba-God bin choose.” So di king tok sey, “I go give dem to una.”
  7. But di king no touch Mephibosheth wey be Jonathan son—Saul pikin, becos of di oath wey David plus Jonathan wey be Saul pikin make wit Baba-God name.
  8. But di king take Amoni plus Mephibosheth wey be di two sons of Aiah, di daughter Rizpah, di sons wey she born for Saul, togeda wit di five sons of Saul daughter Michal, wey she born for Adriel wey be di son of Barzillai di Meholathite.
  9. He carry dem give di pipo of Gibeon, wey hang dem for Baba-God front for di mountain. Naso all di seven of dem die togeda; dem hang dem around di first days of di harvest, just as di harvest for barley dey start.
  10. Rizpah wey be di daughter of Aiah use sackcloth take make shade for hersef for di rock, for where di deadbody dey, and she stay for there from di begining of harvest until water drop from heaven, and she no let birds wey dey fly for sky touch dem for day time, or let wild animal chop dem for night.
  11. Wen dem tell David wetin Rizpah wey be Aiah daughter and Saul side-chick—do,
  12. he con go carry Saul bones plus hin son Jonathan, from di pipo of Jabesh Gilead. Dem bin steal di bones from di streets of Bethshan where di Philistines bin hang dem, wen di Philistines kill Saul for Gilboa.
  13. David carry Saul plus Jonathan bones from there, and dem gada di bones of those seven pipo wey dem hang.
  14. Dem bury Saul bone wit di bones of hin pikin Jonathan, for Zela inside Benjamin—for Kish burial ground—Kish na Saul papa. So dem do everitin wey di king tell dem. Afta dat Baba-God con ansa di prayers of di land.

Wars Against Di Giants of Di Pilistines

15. E happun again sey war con dey between di Philistine and Israel. David go down wit hin men to fight di Philistines and David con taya.

16. And Ishbi-Benob, one of di pikin-pikin-pikin of di giants—wey hin long-sharp-weapon weigh about three and half kilograms of bronze, and he carry new sword—con tok sey he go kill David.

17. But Abishai wey be di son of Zeruaih come save David; he nack di Philistine for ground, con kill am. David men con swear to am sey, “You no go ever follow us go fight war again, so dat di lamp of Israel no go off.”

18. E con happun sey anoda war dey wit di Philistines for Gob. Around dat time Sibbecai di Hushathite kill Saph wey be one of di pikin-pikin-pikin of di giants.

19. For anoda fight wit di Philistine for Gob, Elhana wey be din son of Jaareoregim from Bethlehem kill Goliath broda from Gath. Goliath broda long-sharp-weapon thick like di pole wey dey for weaving-machine.

20. For anoda fight, wey dem fight for Gath, e get one tall man wey get six-six fingers for hin two hand, plus six-six toes for hin two legs—all of dem na twenty four. Hinsef na pikin-pikin-pikin of di giants.

21. Wen he challenge Israel, Jonathan wey be di son of Shimea, David broda—kill am.

22. Dis four pipo na di pikin-pikin-pikin of giant for Gath, and David wit hin men kill dem.


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