2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 22

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            David Song of Praise

  1. David sing to Baba-God di words of hin song wen Baba-God save am from di hands of all hin enemies and from di hand of Saul.
  2. He tok sey, “Baba-God na my Rock, my strong-house, and nahin dey save me;
  3. My God na my rock wey I dey trust; nahin be my shield and di horn wey dey save me, na my tall-house, nahin I dey hide my head put, and nahin be my savior; you dey save me from fight-fight.
  4. I go call to Baba-God wey get levels to receive my praise, naso I go free from my enemies.
  5. Di waves of death surround me; di plenty-water of wicked men make me fear.
  6. Di ropes of grave tie me round; di trap of death set trap for me.
  7. So I call Chineke [Baba-God] from inside my wahala, I cry to Olodumare (Baba-God). From hin holy place nahin he take hear my voice, and my cry enta hin ears.
  8. Naso di earth shake, con move, di foundation of heavens shake, e shake beos Baba-God dey vex.
  9. Smoke pour come out from hin nose-pipe, hot faya spit from hin mouth. Red charcoal burn from am.
  10. He divide di heavens, con come down and dark couds dey for under hin leg.
  11. He ride di cherubim, con fly, he fly on top of di feathers of di breeze.
  12. He make darkness di canopy wey round am—dark water, plus thick rain clouds of di sky.
  13. Ogbonge light shine round am, and hot coal burn come out.
  14. Baba-God shout like thunder from heaven—di voice of di Most High sound.
  15. He shoot arrows, con scata hin enemies; he use di flash of lightning take cos katakata for dem.
  16. As Baba-God yarn, as hin breath sound, bottom of di big-river open, and di foundations of di earth open.
  17. “He reach down from up-up, con hold me; he drag me komot from plenty-water.
  18. He save me from my enemie wey get  pawa well-well, and from di pipo wey get badbelle for me, becos dem too strong pass me.
  19. Dem face me on di day of my wahala, but na Baba-God support me.
  20. He carry me come out to big place, he save me becos he like me well-well.
  21. Baba-God don bless me based-on my pure heart, he pay me based-on my clean-hand.
  22. Becos I don keep di ways of Bab-God; I neva do evil by turning away from my God.
  23. All di laws dey for my front, and I neva turn komot from Baba-God words.
  24. I no get error for Baba-God front, and I don komot hand from my sin.
  25. So Baba-God don pay me based-on my pure heart; based-on my clean-hand for hin eyes.
  26. You dey sorry-for pipo wey dey sorry-for pesin, and your way straight for pipo wey dia way straight.
  27. You dey show sey you pure—to pipo wey pure; but you dey show sef you sharp—for pipo wey dey do korni-korni [pipo wey dia way don bend].
  28. You dey save humble pipo; but your eyes dey on pipo wey dey feel-big—so dat you go fall dia hand.
  29. Oh Baba-God, na you be my lamp; and Baba-God go shine light for my darkness.
  30. Wit your epp I fit carry-go fight sojas; wit my God I fit jump fence.
  31. As for Baba-God, hin way dey perfect; Baba-God word na confam; Baba-God na shield [odieshi] for those wey dey trust am.
  32. Who be God apart from Baba-God? Who apart from awa God be di Rock?
  33. Na Baba-God dey give me pawa like weapon, and nahin dey make my way perfect.
  34. He dey make my leg be like di leg of deer; and he dey set me put for high place.
  35. He dey train my hand how to sabi fight war; my hand fit bend bow wey be bronze.
  36. And you don give me di shield wey dey save me; your jeje way don make me be ogbonge pesin.
  37. You dey give me wide space to put my leg, so dat my ankles no go dror-fall.
  38. “I don pursue my enemies and I don scata dem; and I no gree turn back again until all of dem scata kpatakpata.
  39. I scata dem finish, and dem no fit stand up again; dem fall under my legs.
  40. You give me pawa like weapon for war; you don make all di pipo wey dey raise against me—bow under me.
  41. And you don give me di necks of my enemies, so dat I scata all those wey hate me.
  42. Dem look, but no pesin dey to save dem; dem even look Baba-God, but he no gree ansa dem.
  43. I beat dem sote dem con smooth like dust for ground; I march dem like portor-portor [mud] for street, and I scata dem for everi where [abroad].
  44. “You don save me from di attack of my pipo; you don keep me as di head of di nations. Pipo wey I no sabi before go serve me.
  45. Foreigners go give demsef to me, dem dey obey me wen dem hear me.
  46. Dem dey lose heart, and dem dey shake as dem dey come from dia strong-house.
  47. “Baba-God dey alive! Blessing for my Rock! And make Baba-God levels high, Di Rock wey dey save me!
  48. Nahin be di God wey dey revenge for me, and nahin dey put pipo under me;
  49. Nahin dey free me from my enemies; and he dey carry me up from di pipo wey dey raise up against me; you don save me from di man wey like oppression and blood.
  50. So I go tell you nagode [give tanks to Baba-God], oh Baba-God, among di nations, and I go sing praises for your name.
  51. Nahin be di tall-house wey dey save Hin king, and he dey show mercy to di pesin wey He anoint, he dey show mercy to David and hin pikin-pikin-pikin forever.


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