2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 23

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David Las-las Yarnings

  1. Na dis be di last words of David: “Dis na di words of di pikin of Jesse—man wey Baba-God carry go up, pesin wey Baba-God of Jacob anoint, and di pesin wey dey compose sweet songs for Israel.
  2. “Baba-God Spirit tok tru me, and hin words dey for my tongue.
  3. Di God of Israel yarn; di Rock of Israel tell me sey: ‘Pesin wey dey rule men—must get clean-heart, he must rule wit di fear of Baba-God,
  4. And he go be like di light for morning wen di sun dey rise, or morning wen cloud no dey for sky, like di sun wey dey bring di grass from di earth afta rain fall.’
  5. “Even though my house no be like dat wit Baba-God, but Baba-God don make agreement wit me forever, wey he arrange for everi area, and wey sure. Abi he no go save me fully, con give me everitin wey I want?
  6. But dem go throway all evil men like shuuku-shuuku wey dem no fit gada wit hand.
  7. Any pesin wey go cut dem must use iron tool and long-sharp-weapon; and dem go burn dem kpatakpata wit faya for di same place.

Di Ogbonge Men of David

7. Na dis be di names of di ogbonge men wey David get: Josheb-Basshebeth wey be Tah-kemonites, nahin be di chief of di commanders; dem still dey call am Adino di Eznite, becos he raise hin long-sharp-weapon against eight-hundred men wey he kill togeda.

8. Di next pesin to am na Eleazar wey be di son of Dodai di Ahohite. Na one of di three strong men. He dey wit David wen he face di Philistines wey gada for war, di men of Israel bin move go back.

9. But he stand hin ground con dey kill di Philistines sote hin hand taya and hin hand gum-join di sword. Baba-God give dem big victory dat day. Di sojas go back to Eleazar, but only to collect tins from di enemies deadbody.

10. Next to am na Shammah wey be di son of Agee di Hararite. Wen di Philistines gada togeda for one place where one field dey wey burku wit lentils, and di men run from di Philistines,

11. Shammah stand hin ground for di middle of di field. He defend am, con kill di Philistines, and Baba-God give dem ogbonge victory.

13. Around harvest time, di Three of di Thirty men wey be chiefs of David army—come meet David for inside one rock for Adullam, as some Philistines sojas camp for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Rephaim.

14. David dey stay for hin strong-place dat time, and some Philistines sojas con go take over di town of Bethlehem.

15. Water con dey hungry David, so he tok sey, “How I wish sey pesin fit epp me fetch water from di well for Bethlehem wey dey near di gate!”

16. So di three strong-men use gra-gra pass tru di Philistines sojas, and dem fetch water from di well wey dey near di gate of Bethlehem, con carry am go back to meet David. But David no gree drink am; instead he pour am out for Baba-God.

17. He con tok sey, “Lai-lai, Baba-God, I no fit do dis tin. Abi dis water no be di blood of men wey go risk dia life?” And David no gree drink am. Na dis be di kain ogbonge tins wey di three strong-men fit do.

18. Abishai wey be di broda of Joab wey be son of Zaruiah nahin be di chief of di Three. He raise hin long-sharp-weapon against three hundred men wey he kill, and naso he con take get name like di Three.

19. Abi he no get levels pass di Three? Nahin be dia commander even though dem no count am among di first Three.

20. Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada, di son of one strong warrior from Kabzeel wey don do plenty ogbonge tins. He kill two of Moab men wey be like lion. He still enta inside one pit one day wey snow dey fall, con kill one lion inside di pit.

21. And he kill one big Egyptian, even though di Egyptian carry long-sharp-weapon for hin hand, Benaiah fight am wit stick. He collect di long-sharp-weapon from di Egyptian hand, con kill am wit hin own weapon.

22. Na dis kain tins Benaiah do—Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada; hinsef con get name like di three strong men.

23. He get levels pass any of di thirty, but he no get levels reach the Three. And David put am in charge of hin bodyguard.

24. Among di thirty na:  Asahel wey be di broda of Joab, Elhanan wey be di son of Dodo from Bethlehem,

25. Shammah plus Elika from Harodite.

26. And Helez from Pelet, Ira wey be di son of Ikkesh from Tekoa,

27. Abiezer wey be from Anathoth, Mebunnai from Hushah,

28. Plus Zalmon from Ahoh, Maharai from Netophah,

29. And Heled wey be di son of Baanah from Netophah; Ithai wey be di son of Ribai from Gibeah (for di land of Benjamin);

30. Benaiah from Pirathon, Hiddai from di river of Gaash,

31. Abi-Albon from Arabah, plus Azmaveth from Bahurim.

32. And Eliaba from Shaalbon. From di sons of Jashen—Jonathan,

33. Shammah from Harar,Ahiam wey be di son of Sharar from Harar,

34. Eliphelet wey be di son of Ahasbai from Maacah, Eliam wey be di son of Ahitophel from Gilo,

35. Hezrai from Carmel, Paarai from Arab,

36. Igal wey be di son of Nathan from Zobah, Bani from Gad,

37. And Zelek from Ammon, Naharai from Beeroth—di man wey dey keep weapon for Joab—di son of Zeruiah,

38. Ira plus Gareb from Jattir,

39. Plus Uriah di Hittite. All of dem na thirty seven.


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