2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 24

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David Count Di Pipo

  1. Baba-God con dey vex for Israel again, and he ginger David against dem, sey, “Go count all di pipo for Israel plus Judah.”
  2. So di king tell Joab wey be di army commanders, wey dey wit am, “Go all di tribes of Israel from Dan reach Beersheba and count di pipo, so dat I go fit sabi how many dem be.”
  3. But Joab ansa di king sey, “Make Baba-God your oga make di pipo burku times hundred, and make di eyes of my oga di king see am; but why my oga di king wan do dis tin?”
  4. But di king word strong pass Joab plus di commanders of di army, so Joab plus di commanders of di army komot from di king front—to go count di pipo of Israel.
  5. Afta dem cross River Jordan, dem camp near Aroer for di right side of di city wey dey for di middle of di river of Gad, and wey dey face Jazer.
  6. Naso dem go Gilead and di area of Tahtimhodshi, and dem go Danjaan, con turn go  Sidon.
  7. Dem con go di strong-house of Tyre, plus all di cities of di Hivites plus Canaan. Las-las, dem con go di south side of Judah, even reach Beersheba.
  8. Afta dem don go di whole land, dem come back to Jerusalem afta nine months and twenty days.
  9. So Joab tell di king di numbas of di pipo. For Israel, na eight-hundred thousand strong men wey fit handle sword, and for Judah, na five hundred thousand.

Di Punishment of David Sin

10. David mind con dey judge am afta he don count di pipo, and he tell Baba-God sey, “I don commit big sin becos of wetin I don do. Now oh Baba-God, abeg forgive me your servant, becos I don do mumu tin.”

11. Before David stand up di next morning, message from Baba-God don reach Gad wey be di David prophet,

12. “Go tell David sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: I dey give you three tins to choose from. Choose di one wey I go use take punish you.’ ”

13. So Gad go meet David, con tell am sey, “Abi na three years of hunger go dey for di land? Or three months of running from your enemies as dem dey pursue you? Or three days of sickness for your land? Now, reason am well-well and make you decide how I go take ansa Baba-God wey send me come meet you.”

14. Naso David tell Gad sey, “Serious wahala dey for my head. Make we fall enta Baba-God hand, becos he dey sorry-for pesin well-well, but no let me fall enta men hands.”

15. So Baba-God send sickness to Israel dat morning until di end of di time wey he tok, and seventy thousand men from Dan reach Beersheba con die.

16. Wen di angel stretch hin hand to scata Jerusalem, Baba-God con change hin mind becos of di gbege. He con tell di angel wey dey suffer di pipo sey, “E don do, komot your hand.” Dat time, Baba-God angel dey for di harvest ground of Araunah wey be Jebusite.

17. Wen David see di angel wey dey kill di pipo, he con tell Baba-God sey, “Na only me commit sin, con do wrong tins. All dis pipo just be my followers. Wetin dem do? Abeg make your hand dey against me plus my family.”

David Build Altar

18. On dat day, Gad go meet David, con tell am sey, “Go up to build altar for Baba-God for di harvest ground of Araunah wey be from Jebus.”

19. So David go up, as Baba-God tell am tru Gad.

20. Wen Araunah look, con see di king and hin men dey come hin side, he go outside, con bow down for di king, wit hin face for ground.

21. Araunah con tok sey, “Why my oga di king dey come meet hin servant?” Naso David ansa am, “To buy your harvest ground, con use am take build altar for Baba-God, so dat di disease go stop from di pipo.”

22. Naso Araunah tell David sey, “Make my oga di king take anytin wey he like. See malu for here to burn as offering for di altar; and use di wood from di harvest tools, plus di wood from di malu neck—wey di malu take dey drag load; use dem as faya-wood.”

23. Araunah give di king all dis tins, con still tell di king sey, “Make Baba-God your Oga accept you.”

24. But di king ansa Araunah sey, “No, I must pay you for am. I no go sacrifice anytin to Baba-God, wey no cost me anytin.” So David buy di harvest ground plus di malu, for fifty silver coins.

25. David build altar for Baba-God for there, con sacrifice burnt offerings plus peace offerings. Naso Baba-God ansa di prayers for di land, and di sickeness of Israel stop.


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