2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 3

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Di House of David Con Strong

  1. Di war wit di house of David and di house of Saul last well-well. David con dey strong more-more, but di house of Saul con dey weak more-more.
  2. David wives born sons for am for Hebron: Hin first born name na Amnon wey be di son of Ahioam of Jezreel;
  3. Hin second son name na Kileab wey be di son of Abigail—di widow of Nabal of Carmel; hin third son name na Absalom wey be di son of Maacah, wey be di daughter of Talmai—king of Geshur;
  4. Hin fourth son name na Adonijah wey be di son of Haggith; di fifth one name na Shephatiah wey be di son of Abital;
  5. And di sixth one name na Ithream—di son of David wife Eglah. Dem born dis sons for David for Hebron.

Abner Go Meet David

6. Wen di house of David and di house of Saul dey fight, Abner con dey make hin position strong inside Saul house.

7. Now Saul get one side-chick wey dem dey call Rizpah wey be di daughter of Aiah. So Ish-Bosheth tell Abner sey, “Why you sleep wit my papa side-chick?”

8. Abner con dey vex well-well becos of wetin Ish-Bosheth tok, and he ansa am sey, “Abi I be dog head wey belong to Judah? Today I dey show loyalty to di house of Saul your papa, to hin brodas, and to all hin padi—and I neva carry una put for David hand, but you dey carry mata put for my head becos of dis woman?

9. Make Baba-God deal wit me, con even kill me, if I no do everitin to epp David get wetin Baba-God promise,

10. to transfer di kingdom from di house of Saul, con make David king-chair stand for Israel and Judah, from Dan reach Beersheba.”

11. Ish-Bosheth no get mind to tok any more word to Abner becos he dey fear am.’

12. Naso Abner send messenger to tell David sey, “Which pesin hand di land dey? Make agreement wit me and I go epp you bring all Israel to your side.”

13. David con tok sey, “Okay na. I go make agreement wit you, but I dey ask you for one tin: No come see my face unless you carry Saul daughter—Michal, follow-body wen you dey come meet me.

14. So David send messengers go meet Ish-Bosheth wey be Saul pikin. Dem con tell am sey, David tok sey, “Give me my wife Michal wey I pay her bride price wit one hundred Philistines preek-skin.”

15. So Ish-Bosheth give order, and dem carry di woman komot from her husband Paltiel wey be di son of Laish.

16. But her husband follow her, dey cry for her back reach Bahurim. So Abner tell am sey, “Dey go back to your house!” So he go back.

17. Abner meet wit di senior-men of Israel, con tell dem sey, “E don tey wey una wan make David be una king.

18. Make una do am now! Becos Baba-God promise David sey, ‘Na wit my servant David I go take save my pipo Israel, from di hands of di Philistines and from di hands of all dia enemies.’ ”

19. Abner still reason wit di pipo of Benjamin. He con go Hebron to tell David everitin wey Isreal and di whole house of Benjamin wan do.

20. Wen Abner wey carry twenty men follow-body come meet David for Hebron, David throw party for Abner and hin men.

21. Abner con tell David sey, “Make I go sharp-sharp, to gada all di pipo of Israel for my oga di king. Dem go make agreement wit you—to make you dia king, and you go rule everitin wey you wish.” So David tell Abner sey, “Safe journey.”

Joab Kill Abner

22. Naso David men and Joab come back from attack, con carry plenty tins wey dem collect from enemies. But Abner no dey wit David for Hebron again, becos David don send am komot, and he don komot wit peace.

23. Wen Joab plus all di sojas wey dey wit am come back, dem tell Joab sey, “Abner di son of Ner come meet David, and David di king don send am komot. He komot wit peace.”

24. So Joab go meet di king, con tok sey, “Wetin you don do so, see Abner come meet you, why you con let am go? Now he don komot!

25. You know Abner wey be di son of Ner, he come to deceive you and to watch your movements, as you take dey komot and enta, and to see everitin wey you dey do.”

26. So Joab leave David, con send messengers to follow Abner, and dem carry am come back from di well of Sirah, but David no know wetin dey sup.

27. Now wen Abner go back to Hebron, Joab carry am go one corner near di gate as if he wan follow am tok codedly. Joab con shuuk am for belle for there to revenge di death of hin broda Asahel.

28. David lata hear about wetin happun, he con tok sey, “Me and my kingdom dey innocent forever for Baba-God front about di blood of Abner wey be di son of Ner.

29. Make hin blood fall on di head of Joab and all hin papa house! Make Joab house always get pesin wey dey suffer from discharge, or leprosy, or pesin wey dey use stick waka, or pesin wey go die by sword, or wey go dey beg for food.

30. So Joab and hin broda Abishai kill Abner becos Abner kill dia broda Asahel for di fight for Gibeon.

David Cry For Abner31. Naso David tell Joab plus all di pipo

wey dey wit am sey, “Make una tear una cloth, make una wear sackcloth, con cry for Abner front.” King David hinsef waka for back of di pipo wey dey move go bury am for grave.

32. Dem bury Abner for Hebron, and di king cry loud for Abner grave. All di pipo sef con dey cry.

33. Di king sing hin sad song for Abner: “Abi Abner suppose die like fawo?

34. Dem no tie your hand, dem no chain your leg. But as man take dey fall for wicked pipo front—naso you take fall.” Naso all di pipo con dey cry for Abner.

35. So all of dem come, con ginger David to chop sometin as e still be day time; but David swear sey, “Make Baba-God deal wit me, con even kill me, if I taste bread or any oda tin before di sun go down!”

36. Dis tin make di pipo happy well-well. Evensef, everitin wey di king do make belle sweet dem well-well!

37. So on dat day, all di pipo and all Israel know sey di king no get any hand inside di death of Abner—di son of Ner.

38. Naso di king tell hin men sey, “Abi una no know sey na prince and strong man nahin fall for Israel today?

39. And today, even if I be di king wey dem anoint, I no-strong, and dis sons of Zeruiah too strong for me to control. Make Baba-God pay back di pipo wey dey do evil based-on dia wicked ways.


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