2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 4

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Dem Kil Ish-Bosheth

  1. Wen Ish-Bosheth wey be di son of Saul hear sey Abner don die for Hebron, hin hand con dey shake, and all Israel con dey fear.
  2. Now Saul sons get two men wey be di leaders of di group of pipo wey dey raid. One name na Baanah and di oda one name na Recab; dem be di sons of Rimmon di Beerothite from di tribe of Benjamin (dem dey count Beeroth as part of Benjamin).
  3. So di pipo of Beeroth run go Githaim and dem live for there reach dis day.
  4. (Jonathan wey be Saul pikin get one son wey no fit waka wit hin two legs. He be five year wen di news about Saul and Jonathan reach Jezreel. Hin nurse carry am, con run, but as she dey rush to komot, he fall, con turn to cripple. Hin name na Mephibosheth.)
  5. Now Recab plus Baanah wey be di sons of Rimmon di Beerothite, con dey go di house of Ish-Bosheth, and dem reach there wen di day dey hot, as Ish-Bosheth dey rest for afta-noon.
  6. Dem enta inside-inside di house as if dem wan collect some wheat, and dem shuuk am for belle. So Recab and hin broda Baanah run komot.
  7. Dem enta inside di house as he dey lie down for hin bed for hin room. Afta dem shuuk am, con kill am, dem cut hin head komot. Dem carry am follow-body, dem travel tru-out di night for di smooth-land.
  8. Dem carry Ish-Bosheth head—wey be Saul pikin—con go meet David for Hebron. Naso dem tell David di king sey, “Dis na Ish-Bosheth head, Saul pikin, Saul wey be your enemy and wey try to kill you. Baba-God don revenge for my oga di king today—against Saul and hin pikin.”
  9. So David ansa Recab and hin broda Baanah—wey be di sons of Rimmon di Beerothite, “As surely as Baba-God dey alive, wey don save me from everi wahala,
  10. wen one man tell me sey, ‘Saul don kpeme,’ and he tink sey he dey carry good news come meet me; but I hollam, con kill am for Ziklag. Na di pay wey I give am for hin news!
  11. Tokless of wen wicked men don kill innocent man for inside hin own house and for hin own bed—abi I no go ask for hin blood from una hand, con komot una from di earth!”
  12. So David give order to hin men and dem kill dem. Dem cut dia hands and legs komot, con hang dia body near di water for Hebron. But dem carry Ish-Bosheth head, con bury am for Abner burial ground for Hebron.


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