2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 6

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Dem Carry Di Ark Go Jerusalem

  1. Naso David gada di best men for Israel. All of dem na thirty-thousand.
  2. Him and hin men con go Baale of Judah—na from there dem go carry Baba-God Almighty ark—wey dem dey call by di Name—di name of Baba-God Almighty  wey dey sidon for king-chair between di cherubim.
  3. Dem put Baba-God Ark for new truck and dem carry am komot from Abinadad house wey dey for Gibeah. Uzzah plus Ahio wey be Abinadab sons dey move wit di truck.
  4. Dem move di truck from Abinadab house wey dey for Gibeah, and dem con dey escort Baba-God ark wit Ahio wey dey waka for front of am.
  5. David and di whole house of Isreal dey celebrate for Baba-God front, wit songs and wit different-different music instrument wey dem make wit fir wood; harp, lyres, sheke-sheke, sistrums plus cymbal.
  6. But wen dem reach di harvest ground of Nacon, di malu wey dey drag di truck con dey shake di Ark, naso Uzzah stretch hin hand to support Baba-God Ark.
  7. Baba-God con vex for Uzzah like faya, becos of dat, Baba-God nack am down and he die near Baba-God Ark.
  8. Naso David con dey vex becos Baba-God vex don nack Uzzah, and he name di place ‘Perezuzzah’ reach dis day.
  9. David con dey fear Baba-God dat day, and he tok sey, “How Baba-God Ark wan take follow me come?”
  10. David no gree carry di Baba-God ark enta di City of David. Instead he carry am for corner, go di house of Odeb-Edom wey be Gittite.
  11. Baba-God Ark con dey for di house of Obed-Edom wey be Gittite for three months, and Baba-God bless Odeb-Edom plus hin whole family.
  12. So dem tell David sey, “Baba-God don bless di family of Obed-Edom plus everitin wey he get, becos of Baba-God Ark.” So David go carry Baba-God Ark wit celebration—from Obed-Edom house go di City of David.
  13. Wen those pipo wey dey carry Baba-God Ark move six steps, he sacrifice malu, and one fat sheep.
  14. David dance for Baba-God well-well. He dey wear priest-cloth.
  15. So him and di whole house of Israel carry Baba-God Ark wit shouts plus di sound of trumpets.
  16. As Baba-God Ark dey enta di City of David, Michal wey be Saul daughter con dey watch from window. She see King David dey jump and dance for Baba-God front, and she no con like am for inside her heart.
  17. Dem carry Baba-God Ark come, con put am for one place for inside di worship-place wey David set for am. Naso David sacrifice burnt offerings plus peace offerings for Baba-God front.
  18. Afta he sacrifice di burnt offering finish, plus di peace offerings for Baba-God front, he bless di pipo wit di Name of Baba-God Almighty.
  19. Naso he give bread to everi woman and man wey dey among di pipo, he give dem food, big meat, wit bottle of wine. So all di pipo go back to dia house.
  20. Wen David go back to hin house to bless hin family. Michal wey be Saul daughter come out to meet am, con tell am sey, “See as e make-sense well-well for di king of Israel today, wey naked hinsef wit no shame for hin house-girls just like any jaguda!”
  21. Naso David tell Michal sey, “Na for front of Baba-God wey choose me instead of your papa or any pesin from hin house—to choose me as leader of hin pipo Israel; so I go play for Baba-God front.
  22.  Yes, I dey ready to look like mumu pass like dis, con even downgrade mysef wit my korokoro eyes! But those house-girls wey you tok about—go even reason me wit levels!”
  23. Naso Michal wey be Saul daughter no gree get-belle until she kpeme.


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