2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 7

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         Baba-God Promise To David

  1. Afta di king don settle for hin palace and Baba-God don give am rest from all hin ememies,
  2. David con tell Nathan di prophet sey, “Na me be dis wey dey live for inside palace wey dem design wit cedar woods, but Baba-God Ark still dey for inside tent.”
  3. Nathan ansa di king, “Go do anytin wey dey for inside your mind, becos Baba-God dey wit you.”
  4. So message from Baba-God come meet Nathan dat night:
  5. “Go tell my servant David, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: Abi na you go build house for me wey I go stay?
  6. I neva stay for inside house since di day wey I carry Israel komot from Egypt reach today. I don dey move from one place to anoda for inside tents and worship-place wey dem dey carry.
  7. Any where wey I move go wit all di pipo of Israel, abi I ever tell any pesin from di tribes of Israel, wey I tell to lead my pipo, sey, “Why una neva build house wit cedar for me?” ’
  8. So now, tell my servant David sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: I carry you from field and from following sheep, to be leader of my pipo Israel.
  9. I don dey wit you any where wey you go, and I don cut all your enemies komot from your front. Now I don make your name strong, like di names of di ogbonge men of di earth.
  10. I go give place to my pipo Israel, con plant dem, so dat dem go fit get place of dia own con stop to dey waka-waka. Evil pipo no go oppress dem again as dem do before-before,
  11. and since di time wey I choose judges for my pipo Israel. I go still give una rest from all una enemies.Baba-God dey tell you sey Baba-God hinsef go stand house for you:
  12. Wen your days don finish and wen you rest wit your ancestors, I go raise up your pikin wey go take your place, wey go come from your own flesh, and I go make hin kingdom stand gidigbam.
  13. Nahin go build house for my Name, and I go stand di king-chair of hin kingdom forever.
  14. I go be hin papa and he go be my pikin. Any time wey he do wrong tin—I go punish am, con correct am wit cane—just as papa take dey punish hin pikin.
  15. But I no go ever komot my love from am, as I bin take komot am from Saul—Saul wey I komot from your way.
  16. Your house and your kingdom go dey forever for your front, your king-chair go stand gidigbam forever.’ ”
  17. So Nathan tell David all di words of hin vision.

Di Prayer of David

18. Naso David go inside, con sidon for Baba-God front, and he tok sey: “Who I be, chai  Baba-God Almighty? And which level my family get wey you carry me go far-far?

19. And dis one na just small tin for your eyes, Oh Almighty God, you don tok about di future of your servant house sef. Naso you take dey always run-tin wit men, chai, Almighty God?

20. “I no fit tell you pass dis one, you know wetin your servant true-true be, Almighty God!

21. Sake of your word, and based-on your will, you don do all dis ogbonge tins, con make your servant know dem.

22. “See as you great reach, Oh Baba-God Almighty! No pesin be like you, and no oda God dey, but you, as we don hear wit awa own ears.

23. And who fit be like your pipo Israel—di only nation for earth wey Baba-God keep for hinsef as hin pipo, and to make name for hinsef? You do ogbonge wonders by pursuing di oda nations wit dia gods from front of Your pipo—wey you save for Yoursef from Egypt.

24. You don make your pipo Israel stand gidigbam as your own pipo forever, and you, Oh Baba-God, you don turn to dia God.

25. “And now Oga Baba-God, keep di promises wey you don make to your servant and hin family—forever. Do wetin you don promise,

26. so dat your name go be ogbonge forever. Naso men go tok sey, ‘Baba-God Almighty na di God of Israel!’ And di house of your servant David go stand gidigbam for your front.

27. “Oh Baba-God Almighty, God of Israel, you don show dis tins to your servant sey, ‘I go build house for you.’ So your servant don get full-mind to give you dis prayer.

28. Oh Almighty God, you be God! Pesin fit trust your words, and you don promise dis good tins to your servant.

29. Now make body sweet you to bless di house of your servant David, so dat e go last forever for your front; becos you don tok—Oh Almighty God, and wit your blessings—make di house of your servant recieve blessings forever.”


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