2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 8

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Di Fights Wey David Win

  1. Afta dis tins, e happun sey, David kill di Philistines and he over-pawa dem, con take-over Metheg Ammah from di Philistines hand.
  2. David still take-over di Moabites. He measure dem wit line, con make dem lie down for ground; he measure two lines for di pipo wey he go kill, and one full line for di pipo wey go live. Naso di pipo of Moab turn to David servants, and dem bring gifts for am.
  3. David still kill Hadadezer wey be di son of Rehob—king of Zobah, wen Hadezer march to go collect hin land back around River Euphrates.
  4. David catch one thousand of hin horse-moto, seven thousand men wey sabi ride horse-moto, plus 20,000 sojas wey dey fight on ground. He break di legs of all di horses of di horse-moto, he only keep some for 100 horse-moto.
  5. Wen Syrians of Damascus come epp Hadadezer wey be di king of Zobah, David kill twenty-two thousand Syrians.
  6. Naso he put some army camps for Damascus wey be di capital of Syria, and di Syrians con dey serve David, and dem pay tax to am. Baba-God give David victory any where he go.
  7. David take di golden shields wey belong to di officers of Hadadezer, con carry dem come Jerusalem.
  8. king David carry plenty bronze from Tebah and Berothai—cities wey belong to Hadadezer.
  9. Wen Tou wey be di king of Hamath hear sey David don kill di whole army of Hadadezer,
  10. he send hin son Joram go meet king David to greet am and to bless am for hin victory for di war wit Hadadezer—wey don bin dey fight wit Tou. Joram carry tins come wey dem make wit silver, gold plus bronze.
  11. King David give dis tins to Baba-God, as he bin do wit di silver and gold from all di nations wey he over-pawa:
  12. Nations like: Syria and Moab, di pipo of Ammon, plus di Philistines and Amalek. He still bless and give [to Baba-God] di tins wey he obtain from Hadadezer wey be Rehob son—king of Zobah.
  13. Naso David name con dey spread afta he come back from killing eighteen thousand Syrians for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Salt.
  14. He put army camps for di whole of Edom. Naso all di pipo of Edom turn to David servants and Baba-God guard David anywhere where he go.

David Officials

15. David rule as king of all Israel, and he give judgement plus justice to all hin pipo.

16. Joab wey be di son of Zeruiah nahin dey control di army; Jehoshaphat wey be di son of Aliud nahin dey keep history.

17. Zadok wey be di son of Ahitub plus Ahimelech wey be di son of Abiathar na priests; Seraiah na writer (secretary).

18. Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada nahin dey control di Cherethites plus di Pelethites; and David sons na chief leaders.


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