2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel Chapter 9

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David Good-Heart To Mephibosheth

  1. David con ask sey, “E still get any pesin from Saul house wey remain, wey I fit show good-heart becos of Jonathan?”
  2. So e get one of Saul servant wey dem dey call Ziba. Dem call am make he show-face to David, and di king ask am sey, “Na you be Ziba?” So he ansa am, “I be your servant.”
  3. Di king con ask, “E still get any pesin wey remain from Saul house wey I fit show di good-heart of Baba-God?” Ziba con ansa di king, “E still get one of Jonathan pikin; but he no fit waka wit hin two legs.”
  4. So di king ask am sey, “Where he dey?” Ziba ansa am, “He dey for di house of Makir wey be di son of Amiel for Lodebar.”
  5. So king David sey make dem carry am come from Lodebar—from di house of Makir wey be di son of Amiel.
  6. Wen Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan, Saul pikin—come meet David, he bow down to respect am. David con tok sey, “Mephibosheth!” and he ansa, “I be your servant.”
  7. Naso David tok sey, “No let fear catch you, becos I go surely show you good-heart becos of your papa Jonathan. I go give you back all di land wey belong to your grand-papa Saul, and you go dey always chop for my table.”
  8. Mephibosheth bow down, con tok sey, “Oga, I no beta pass dog wey don kpeme. Why you con dey reason me?”
  9. Naso di king call Ziba wey be Saul servant, con tell am sey, “I don give your oga gran-pikin everitin wey belong to Saul and hin family.
  10. You and your sons plus your servants go epp am make farm for di land—con produce food, so dat your oga grand-pikin go get food to chop. But Mephibosheth wey be di grand-pikin of your oga—go always dey chop from my table.” (Now Ziba get fifteen sons plus twenty servants.)
  11. So Ziba tell di king sey, “Your servant go do everitin wey my oga di king tell am to do.” So Mephibosheth chop for David table like one of di king pikin.
  12. Mephibosheth get one young son wey dem dey call Micha, and all di members of Ziba family na Mephibosheth servant.
  13. So Mephibosheth live for Jerusalem, becos he always dey chop for di king table, but he no fit waka wit hin two legs.


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